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Please suggest a typed 6-page (maximum) write-up (enfold spaced, Times Roman, 12 apex, 1” margins) in PDF format. To be just to all knots, the TA procure not unravel more the 6-page apex. Because these are knot assignments, merely one idiosyncratic needs to suggest the predicament assignment for all knot members. 

Here are a few recommended tools for your knot to observe when collaborating on Predicament Assignments:

  • Zoom (ucimerage.zoom.us)
  • Google Apps for Education/Google Docs
  • Microsoft Office 365 Online

If you entertain questions in-reference-to this assignment, gladden touch TA Duke Chowdhury at [email protected] as he procure be grading it.

Brannigan Foods

  1. How would you excite the process Clark is using to indicate his best “siege bets” for allocating meanss?
  2. Which of the indelicate managers’ propositions should Clark grace? Absent any means constraints, which of the indelicate lineal controls do you believe is the most viable? Which is the second-best diplomacy? Which is the meanest viable? (In observeing Mackey’s proposition to earn a society, do the induced resolution on Red Dragon Foods merely.)
  3. If Clark chooses a strategic control that graces merely one line, what denying possessions could this entertain on other lines? How can Clark appease the hurt?
  4. What possessions is the shift in the strengths and weaknesses of race having on the Brannigan’s dispersion? How does this collision the siege judgment?
  5. Given the notification in the predicament, what strategic race do you believe the dispersion should chase?