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A class project that analyzes and evaluates recent research in sensation and perception will be based on at least three peer-reviewed references and will be submitted in week 7.  (Be absolutely sure that the main references you use are peer-reviewed.  Use professional sources, not “popular” magazines or web sites intended for the general public.) I prefer the use of research papers that report on the findings of empirical studies.   If you are not sure if a source is suitable, consult the instructor.  

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Project Paper
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You are not restricted to topics that appear in the course readings, but your project must be based on serious scholarship and specifically concerned with some aspect of sensation or perception. Although it is permissible to choose the same topic as another class member, all work must be your own; this is not a collaborative project.  If unsure if a topic is appropriate, consult the instructor; however, it is the student’s responsibility to actually select a suitable topic .

 The assignment may be fulfilled by a term paper of from 1000 to no more than 1,500 words in length.  This should be a scholarly report, written in formal academic style.  The assignment must be submitted via your assignment folder no later than the submission date listed in the Course Schedule, bearing your name, a title, and written references in APA format.


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