Policing and Due Process

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Policing and Due Process
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Evaluate whether the Supreme Court, through court cases, has sufficiently protected the rights of juvenile offenders. Support your evaluation by addressing the following questions:

· What protections have been afforded by way of due process?

· What rights do juveniles have in their schools and communities? How did the Supreme Court case New Jersey v. TLO impact these rights?

· If you were a member of the Court, what would you change concerning those rights?

Must utilize critical thinking in the following ways:

· Cite expert opinion from your text and other academic sources to support your statements.

· Provide real-world examples to illustrate your statements.

· Ask a probing question to challenge others (and yourself!) to think more deeply about the topic.

· Conclude with a personal assessment of how your perspective on the issue of topic impacts your current or future role in criminal justice and/or impacts juveniles in society today.

Your initial posting should be 250-300 words and must be submitted 


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