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Please Reply to the following 2 Discussion posts:

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Please Reply to the following 2 Discussion posts:
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There are lots of things to be considered when seeking employment as an APRN. I will be excited to be practicing as APRN however, lots of things come up to mind when transitioning from RN to APRN. It can be overwhelming to make decisions and write an order when I am used to following orders.  Of course, the compensation, location, and benefits come first, but I want to make sure, the job is right for me so that I could provide safe care to my patients. I do consider their benefits like 401K, federal taxes, tuition reimbursement, malpractice insurance, collaboration agreement, continuing education credits, sick leave, vacation, and travel allowance, etc.  For me, salary should be negotiable with bonuses with certain raise every year.  I will determine if the position is salaried or is per hour, per day, or per–patient contract. If it’s salaried, what are the on-call and weekend policies? Another thing I would consider will be if I will be able to practice to the full extent of my scope of practice. I would check for barriers that are more stringent than those in place in state law or regulation, I will make sure to know what is expected to practice beyond the scope of my practice (AANP, 2022) .  Besides, the organization’s culture, vision, and values are equally important to me. I will look for a position that best fits my skills, interests, and experience. I will familiarize myself with the regulation pertaining to advanced practice in the state. For example, I need to understand what authority I have for prescribing medications and other medical interventions, and I must be aware of any requirements for collaboration with a doctor. It’s equally important for me to know what type of patients that particular organization treats, whether an APN has the autonomy needed to practice up to the full scope of practice, how the APN’s time will be allocated and if the APNs will be a primary care provider who can treat patients independently.


As I think about the future and my career as an APN there are several non-negotiables when it comes to employment. The work environment is super important to me. A positive supportive culture to learn and grow is on the top of the list for me when finding the right fit. Transitioning from student to provider of care can cause feelings of stress, isolation, self-doubt, frustration, and uncertainty about clinical knowledge. Having someone to rely on to alleviate some of these stresses is very important​ (Erickson et al., 2021). Having a benefited position that gives access to a 401k and healthcare access is also a contributing factor.

After interviewing and being offered a new place, a crucial part of the job-seeking process begins nurse practitioner negotiation (Hicks & Hennessy, 2016). Negotiables when starting as a new nurse practitioner for me are things like vacation time and compensation. My primary goal as a new nurse practitioner will be to provide my patients with the best safest care. In order to do this, I am willing to take a job that is the best fit for me, not simply the highest paying position available.

Some benefits of formal employment include health insurance and reimbursement of licensure. Organizations will often pay or reimburse for continuing education requirements. These continuing education classes can be pricey and are often required to remain licensed in different states (Childress, 2021).


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