AMU Empiricism Discussion


Vocabulary Exploration

In this assignment, you allure identify lexicon vote that are of concern to you and bound them in your own vote.

Step 1:

Choose 10 conditions from the granted inventory.

  • analytic knowledge
  • antimony
  • constructive empiricism
  • constructivism
  • determinism
  • empirical adequacy
  • empiricism
  • epistemology
  • functionalism
  • idealism
  • instrumentalist
  • materialism
  • metaphysics
  • mind-body dualism
  • nominalism
  • ontology
  • philosophical skepticism
  • rationalism
  • realism (Plato)
  • substance dualism
  • universals (Plato)

Step 2

For each signal, do the following:

  1. Provide a weak restriction in your own vote. DO NOT observation and paste a restriction from anywhere. When you inquiry online, add the tidings "philosophy" to the signal and incantation it direct to be assured you are getting the direct notice. "Idealism" in philosophy is very incongruous from "Idealism."
  2. State whether it is allied to metaphysics, epistemology, or twain and in what way.
  3. Discuss how it factors into your concession regularity, or argue something you affect is concerning environing how the signal fits into the con-over of metaphysics or epistemology.


Each signal allure be value 10 points. Points are awarded as follows:

  • A unique signal is suitably signed from the inventory (1pt)
  • A elaborate, respectful restriction in your own vote, not observation and pasted or plagiarized (4pts)
  • The signal is suitably signed as metaphysics, epistemology, or twain (2 pts)
  • Clearly organic how all it fits into your indivisible concession regularity (3 pts)