After participating in Discussions IV and V, you should submit Written Exercise II. For this exercise you can choose to write about Tolstoy, Kant, Foucault, or Gadamer. Select only one of the prompts below.  

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You should aim to write around 750 words; this is about two double-spaced pages, of Times New Roman, 12pt, font. Elaborate your thoughts well and clearly. Your writing should be at its best: good grammar, good syntax, and no typos. Remember to proofread before submitting. (Also, read through the Written Exercise Rubric). I strongly suggest you submit your exercise as a PDF, since Turnitin works best with it.  

Keep in mind that plagiarism is penalized in this course. You will submit the Written Exercise through Turnitin. You will be able to see a similarity report before submitting. I will not accept any written exercises that have a similarity report above 30%. If your similarity report is above 30%, you will have to revise your exercise and submit again. Given the criteria, the best strategy to follow is to stick to the main readings, the Prof. Notes, and your own thoughts. This exercise is meant to measure three general areas: writing, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. Thus, aim at writing it on your own, and consulting as minimally as you can any other sources. Quoting is allowed, but it must be minimal. If you are quoting any material, use quotation marks and include the author and title of the source.                 

Prompts (choose only one):  

1) Tolstoy option: Briefly explain, as best as you can, what art means for Tolstoy. That is, answer the following question: What is art for Tolstoy? Then, briefly explain why you agree or disagree with him. Use a brief example to illustrate you argument.  

2) Kant option: Kant mentions four criteria or characteristics that must be possessed by a work of genius. Which are these four traits, and what does each of them consist in. (Consider using an example as part of your explanation.)  

3) Foucault option: Using Foucault’s text as a reference: What is Velázquez’s painting Las Meninas about? What is it a painting of? Elaborate with clarity.


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