Order 1192088: Supervisor′s Interactions: Teachers, Children, parents, and Other Staff

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Order 1192088: Supervisor′s Interactions: Teachers, Children, parents, and Other Staff
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Supervision in early education settings is mostly about communication and building relationships. Choose a current supervisor of a licensed early education program and shadow the supervisor for at least one hour on two different days. During this time, focus on observing the supervisor′s management of the relationships in the program between teachers, children, parents, and other staff. Be sure to ask the supervisor any questions you have about the position or decisions she/he is making. In a 3-5 page paper, discuss what you learned from the observations about the interactions between teachers, children, parents, and other staff. What did the supervisor see as the most important part of the position? What did the supervisor do exceptionally well? What could the supervisor improve upon in her job? Is there any specific advice the supervisor had that supports positive interactions between teachers, children, parents, and other staff? Book Supervision in Early Childhood Education 1 interview with the education coordinator 1. As an education coordinator my focus is on curriculum and program of the center, but I know that it starts with the teachers. The most important part of my position is to coach teachers. Every teacher is at a different part of the career with unique weakness and strengths. it is my job to work with the teachers to help them achieve goals and find solutions to obstacles. I find great reward when a teacher starts the year struggling in an area and after discussion, work or training finds enjoyment in that same task whether it is curriculum, communicating with families, or creating systems to balance tasks. 2. Curriculum I feel like I can create enriching and engaging experiments with little time and with little materials. I also feel that I can articulate to parents the learning a child is engaged in even if it is an activity as simple as playdough. As an EC I try to help our teachers feel comfortable communicating with families and to be able to articulate the learning that is happening through activities and play. 3.The things that I find most challenging in my position is knowing how much information to give to a teacher without overwhelming or confusing them. When I try to help a teacher in a particular area I sometimes try to do too much too fast. I am personally working on ″Going slow to go fast.″ By going slow the teachers will see some success and start to trust themselves and me and in the end we will be able to do more even though we start slow. I have had a chance to interview a supervisor, so it can be made up.

1.) What is the most important part of my position???

*** For me, the most important part of being a Site Supervisor of 4 classrooms within the Preschool I work at, is having “morning check-in’s” with all of my staff members upon my arrival as I walk through their classrooms each day! I am also available for classroom support, which includes breaks/lunches, covering absences and vacations of staff, etc.

2.) What do I do extremely well???

*** I am very organized, great with scheduling, keeping my staff of 7 happy, even when they are a little stressed.

3.) What can the supervisor improve on???

*** I need to work on “hiding” when I myself am stressed/frustrated, so it doesn’t “rub off” onto my staff or children within our care, especially with given situations dealing daily within my job…short staffed, lack of substitutes, etc.

I also need to learn Licensing Regulations for Kindergarten children, since one of the 4 programs I supervise is with Kindergarteners.

4.) Specific Advice to support positive interactions with teachers/children/parents/staff???

***”Happy Staff”…”Happy Work Environment”

Keep communication lines open, as well as having an “open door” office policy. No question is a silly question…if I do not know the answer, I will find out the answer to your question.

I am here to support, help, advise, encourage, care, for my staff daily.

I love my job with all of my heart. I fill fulfilled and satisfied as I help the lives of many families, children, and staff.


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