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Read one of the Project 1 essays; then, answer the questions given below. Do NOT just write “YES” or “NO.” Give examples or evidences as well.


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  1. Dan Branigan
  2. Qinda Wang


  1. Does the essay have descriptive title (7 – 10 words)
  2. Does the essay have descriptive subtitles (at least 7-10 words)
  3. Does the​ introduction​ introduce the whole paper.
  4. Is the thesis statement clear? Does it have a central idea? Is it clearly established and maintained throughout the essay?
  5. Does the draft (essay) have a central idea, for example, how the particular event/s (that writer mentioned) changed the writer? Or what education did the writer learn from the evident/s?
  6. Does the essay have many examples to support ideas (topic sentences)?
  7. Are the topic sentences (subtitles) developed well such as topic sentence > definition > examples (evidences) > supporting points (sources) > images (if images captions) > etc.
  8. Has the paper addressed audiences well (is the essay clear, concise) –see the development and examples (your audiences are from all around the world)?
  9. Does the essay have a good conclusion?


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