George Washington University Musculoskeletal Migrant Health & Injuries Journal Entries


A register initiation allure be due each week (10 entries in all). Each initiation (written in first person as a single habit) allure be a compendium of one mainstream hurry promise, exoteric vigor mate critique register promise (e.g., Lancet), or arrange newsletter promise ground on the Global Vigor NOW. Students are required to affirm to the unobstructed advantage. GHNow provides up to conclusion mainstream hurry, arrangeal newsletters, and register articulation daily but to-boot has a pursuit engine for articulation published aggravate the spent year. Your promise must follow from the GHNow newsfeed or its archive. If you can’t appropriately instrument that it came from GHNow or its archive, you allure hold 0 points for the assignment.

Examples of mainstream hurry origins: The Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Hindustan Times, Newsweek, Deutsche Welle, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Nigeria Vigor Watch, The Guardian, US News & World Report, The Atlantic, Science, South China Morning Post, IRIN, VOX, Wired, The Daily Grind, or ondirection origins, e.g. Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, BBC, NPR, ABC, CBC Exoteric Radio International. Wikipedia is not mainstream hurry origin.

Articles selected can be as late as the week of the rank, a month old, or any era succeeding January 1, 2015. Articles should be at lowest 400 articulation covet and comprise evidence-grounded postulates, e.g., population postulates (demographic/household and/or vigor action postulates; vigor outcomes) and/or baseline-end direction program postulates. This holds distinctly gentleman for arrangeal newsletters. Doctrines extraneously evidence-grounded knowledge are not cheerful, and the register initiation allure hold a nothing charges.

Each promise should be encircling a subject substance adept in rank the week or on the Monday it is due. See the schedule in the syllabus for subjects and conclusions. For prompting, the register initiation due on February 10 should be on an promise ground from the Global Vigor NOW encircling cardiovascular diseases. Each promise cannot be the corresponding promise selected for the Mainstream Promise Brief assignment.

Articles must be global in fixed. That is, if feasible, it can’t simply be encircling the United States or proper encircling high-infollow calculateries but must be-mixed postulates and knowledge after a while what is going on in middle- and lower-infollow calculateries.

Each register initiation is estimate up to 5 points for a whole of up to 50 points. Students allure upload entries onto Blackboard. Simply the bigot allure critique the initiation. Entries are due no posterior than 4:30pm on Mondays.

Each register initiation must be at 400-500 articulation (comprise a promise calculate at the end of the initiation). The initiation must be in portion arrange (no bullets), in your own articulation and nucleus on how you connected after a while the subject and promise you discover. You may oration questions such as what you interpret from this paragraph, what challenged your knowledge/belief plan, what may feel surprised you, what revealed you, how you associate to the symbolical grounded on your own personality habits, how you neglect to use the knowledge in your personality, ideas you may feel on orationing the issues, etc. You can briefly rehearse the promise to emphasize your thought, but don’t simply rehearse the grounds that show in the promise.

In attention to the aloft, you must:

  1. Submit your register initiation after a while a nicely unembarrassed caggravate page that states “ Register Entry”; the conclusion of the Global Vigor NOW newsfeed that the promise is from (if it is late); the inscription, composer, origin and conclusion of the promise; your spectry, conclusion, and 406 001
  2. Please comprise on the uploaded initiation a representation of the promise your discover, not the weblink.

Scoring rubric:




Well written (grammar, spelling); follows all guidelines aloft


Some match errors; follows all guidelines aloft


Well written; follows most of the guidelines aloft


Follows some of the guidelines aloft


Follows few of the guidelines aloft


Article contains no evidence-grounded postulates

Article does not follow from GHNow newsfeed or its archive

Thank you.


1. Other NCDs

Musculoskeletal, neurological (epilepsy, Parkinson), dental, eye vigor

2. Disabilities

Vision, hearing loss; material and sensitive disabilities

3. Aging

Dementia, Alzheimer’s, discouragement, destitution, abuse

4. Violence

Self-harm; intersingle violence; political violence

5. Migrant vigor, refugees, ethnical trafficking, regular disasters and ethnicalitarian crises

Migrant/refugee vigor, insight, collision on vigor advantages

6. Injuries

Traffic injuries, fires, poisoning, drownings

7. Temperature transmute and the environment

Water, air, contaminate pollution; temperature transmute collision on livelihoods and vigor

8. Vigor Care achievement force; program and technical innovations