NR533: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety


Quality Improvement Processes and Approaches, and Quality Tools

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NR533: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
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The purpose of this discussion board is to provide you and your nurse colleagues with an opportunity to discuss quality improvement processes and approaches, and quality tools.


Respond to the following questions. (Total of 300 words)

  1. What is the difference between a quality improvement system and a quality improvement tool? Explain. (100 words).
  2. Select and compare three of quality tools. What are some of the key similarities and differences among the selected quality tools? (100 words).
  3. How will you select one of the quality improvement processes and approaches, and implement one or more of the quality tools as described in last week’s presentation for your QI project? (100 words)

B) Reflective Journal

Write a Reflection

The Reflective Journal is a place to write short reflections that are posed during the course in Lessons and elsewhere. These are private between student and instructor and allow a non-formatted space for reflecting about your weekly learning and help you realize how you have changed based on the learning you have accomplished during the course.

Please make sure to enter a “Heading” for each reflection that your are entering to keep them separate.

Please be honest about your reflections as these should be your actual thoughts not regurgitation of textbook content.


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