news article / 250-300 words

read current event news


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news article / 250-300 words
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that is related to on-going or previous construction projects around the world. Any respected source is acceptable, including newspapers, magazines, trade 

journals, or websites. The following websites provide free links to current events related to engineering and contracting on a daily basis:



While reading the article, you should identify the key players of the project and summarize the 


use the attached news article template to complete the assignment.


CIVE 4273 – Construction Engineering & Project Management – News Article


Click or tap here to enter text.

Article # _

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Title of Article:

Type of Industry:

☐Public ☐Private

Industry Sector:

☐Residential ☐Commercial ☐Heavy Civil ☐Industrial

Project Participants:

Owner: Enter text here.

Designer: Enter text here.

Contractor: Enter text here.

Other: Enter text here.


Link to Article:

Note: Limit your article to one page

******Remove the following section when submitting the article*************

Grading Rubrics:





· The project demographics are properly identified.

· The topic is perfectly relevant to construction projects.

· The length is decent, around 250 words.

· The summary is well written and free of grammar errors.

· The summary includes your own thoughts and critics


· The summary is well written and free of grammar errors, but there are no personal thoughts included.

· The length is decent, around 250 words.

· The topic is somewhat relevant to the construction industry.

· The project demographics are partially identified


· The article is properly summarized with minor grammar errors.

· The length is too short (less than 200 words).

· The topic is tangentially related to construction.


· The article is not turned in or not turned in on time; or

· The article is a direct “copy and paste”; or

· The topic is irrelevant


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