Cancer Symptoms and their Management

Include reference and in text citation in each box

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Clinical Manifestations (including Diagnostics)

Possible Nursing Diagnosis

Interventions (including Medications and complementary alternative therapy)





Cognitive disorders

Chemo Induced Nausea (CIN)




Mrs. Williams is a 27-year-old female diagnosed with breast cancer. She is currently in pharmacy school. She does not have children but hopes to have them someday. She has been tested and has a genetic predisposition for this disease.

· What treatment options does she have?

· What are the advantages and disadvantages of those treatment options?

· What would you tell Mrs. Williams if she decided to refuse treatment?

· Mrs. Williams really wants to have children before she starts treatment. What would you educate her about? Why?

Use at least two references with intext citation for every reference used.

Today’s health care environment gives nurses many reasons to be conflicted. Genetic testing, abortion, and end of life care are just some of the areas in which nurses may face ethical dilemmas. Consider how you feel about the following issues:

· Respecting the wishes of a suffering client that he is permitted to die with dignity,

· Respecting the health surrogate’s wishes regarding termination of life support,

· Or even observing another nurse take two tablets of oxycodone as ordered but keeping one for herself.

Then give an example of an ethical dilemma you may have confronted in your own clinical experience or workplace. How did you come to the decision you made? What feelings did you experience while coming to that choice? (If you have not yet faced an ethical dilemma, research one and comment on it, answering the same questions.)

Use at least two references and in text citation for every reference used


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