NCBI research


2. Complete PubMed® activities by following these instructions:

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NCBI research
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  • topic of interest – The role of healthcare providers in using the knowledge of sickle cell trait to mitigate problems in African American patients
  • Using PubMed®, create a search strategy for your selected topic.
  • Use MeSH® terms and Boolean operators (i.e., AND, OR, NOT).

After you complete each step below, record the number of references returned by your search. Include the frequency of “ALL” and “Review” for each step. Adjust your search strategy so that you can complete all steps.

1. Run a basic text search using two MeSH® terms for your topic.

2. Refine your search by using the LIMIT feature to include only references that are within five years.

3. Refine further to include references in which the search terms appear in the Abstract/Title.

4. Refine further still to include references in which the search terms appear only in the Title.

5. Create an abstract introducing your topic used for the search and describe your findings for the number of articles retrieved from your original search and the impact when you refined the search. For example, the first time you did the search you may have retrieved 15,000 articles and after you used the words “and, or, not – it may have narrowed your search to 5,000 (or less). After limiting the search to five years, it may have narrowed the selections to 80.



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