Module 01 _PATHO_Assignment-Electrolyte Imbalance

DUE 1/7/22

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Module 01 _PATHO_Assignment-Electrolyte Imbalance
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Title : – Electrolyte Imbalance

Purpose of Assignment:

Identifying abnormal findings and treatment options for electrolyte imbalances is an expected function of a healthcare team.

Course Competency(s):

· Determine the cellular functions required to regulate homeostasis.




· Select an electrolyte from the list below. ( Phosphorus)


· Potassium

· Sodium

· Calcium

· Magnesium

· Phosphorus

In the table below, include the following information for the electrolyte you selected.

· Normal range of the lab value

· Causes of excess (hyper) and deficiency (hypo)

· Signs and symptoms of excess (hyper) and deficiency (hypo)

· Treatment options for excess (hyper) and deficiency (hypo)


Use at least three scholarly source to support your findings. Examples of scholarly sources include academic journals, textbooks, reference texts, and CINAHL nursing guides. Be sure to cite your sources in-text and on a References, page using APA format.

Write from nursing perspective

No consideration for plagiarism

Due 01/ 7/2022








Electrolyte Normal Range



Causes of Hyper- 

(Include three or more) 

Signs and symptoms of Hyper-  


Treatment of Hyper- 

 Causes of Hypo- 

(Include three or more) 


Signs and symptoms of Hypo- 

Treatment of Hypo- 



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