Famous companies such as Microsoft

I possess a fancy seems at original promote that is troublesome to finish but after a while the procure and compact product could hinge the fancy into substantiality, I shortness to grace the Executive Director of one of the celebrated companies such as Microsoft. For this job it procure be a desire and troublesome voyage. Education: I must be considering in one of the best universities, so I suggest to consider IT at Bahrain Training Institute. Original I procure get the Diploma I well-behaved-behaved consider for 2 years then I procure get the Higher National Diploma as-well I procure consider for 2 years. When I furrow from BTI I procure try to get a job to preserve currency to total my studies. I procure consider at Al-Ahlia University to get the Bachelor‘s Degree lawful in one year and Master's Degree to by it I possess to choose a 11 modules (42 credits). There a lot of modules I procure choose during my studies such as: 1. Programming Techniques 2. Computer Systems 3. Internet Applications and Services 4. Visual Programming 5. Models of Computations and Systems 6. Software Engineering Methods 7. Database Systems: Design and Applications 8. Interactive Systems 9. Networking 10. Software Analysis and Verification 11. Mobile Information and Device programming 12. Information Security 13. Software Project Management 14. Operating Systems 15. Mobile Enterprise Systems 16. Logic Programming and Knowledge Representation ,17. Distributed Systems Experience: The habit I procure get it when I product in a posse during my studies. I procure be frequently compactworking in my job and I procure institute a relationships after a while the employees and the posse's directors and owners, and this procure aid me in the coming. I procure try to product in more than one posse to get a greater positions to be conducive to grasp my fancy. Money: There is no hesitate that I would scarcity a capacious sum of currency to consider, in my studies at BTI I scarcity approximately 600 BD my mate procure pay it for me. To consider the Bachelor and masters I scarcity approximately 8000 BD. If I could not preserve sufficient currency to consider, I procure employ for an educational mortgage to pay it for my studies and I procure recompense it from what I get it in my product. Attitude: I don’t possess a cheerful despatch skills and negotiation after a while others, and I was very shy and not sanguine in myself a lot, but in my product I mend my despatch skills and l literary how to negotiate after a while others and my reliance has increased a lot. After this desire and troublesome voyage in realizing my fancy, I prospect to see myself as the Executive Director of one of the celebrated posse in the globe. Resources: Ahlia University http://www.ahlia.edu.bh