Uses APA format to answer questions. 

Using the information learned in class today:

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Share one thing about the class today that you didn’t know about mental health. Explain

Share one thing that you want to know more about. Explain.

Identify one thing that surprised you about mental health. Explain your answer. 

Practice your therapeutic communication skills this week on friends and colleagues . 

Discuss the difference you found between using therapeutic communication skills and conversational skills.  Discuss whether or not therapeutic communication was difficult for you?  

What reaction from the other person did you notice?

Week 1 Questions to Answer

1. Describe some symptoms of panic anxiety.

2. A client was involved in an automobile accident in which both her parents were killed. When you ask her about it, the client says they have no memory of the accident. What ego defense mechanism are they using?

2 b.) What nursing approaches would you use and why?

3. A dramatic reduction in which neurotransmitter is most closely associated with Alzheimer’s disease?

4. Many psychotropics work by blocking the reuptake of neurotransmitters. Describe the process of reuptake.

5. “What do you think you should do?” If the nurse makes this statement to a patient, it is an example of what technique? Is it therapeutic or nontherapeutic?

6. When the nurse’s verbal and nonverbal interactions are congruent, he or she is thought to be expressing which characteristic of a therapeutic relationship?

7. Define managed care

8. Nursing outcomes (sometimes referred to as goals) are derived from the nursing diagnosis. Name two essential aspects of an acceptable outcome or goal.

9. Mental status assessment is composed 8 components – what are they?

10. Upon finishing the mental status examination of the patient, the nurse should determine whether the patient was reliable, unreliable, or impossible to tell. Why is this important and who/where might the nurse obtain additional information from?


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