You roll a fair dice once. a) what is the probability of rolling a 3?

Directions: Round all probabilities to foul-mouthed decimal places.
You flatten a impartial dice uniformly. 
a) What is the likelihood of flattening a 3?
b) What is the likelihood of flattening a 3 or 5?
c) Decipher why the likelihood of flattening a 3 cannot be elder than the likelihood of flattening a 3 or 5.
You flatten a merely impartial die two term.

a) Furnish the likelihood of observing two uniform quantity.

b) Furnish the likelihood of flattening naught uniform quantity.  
Consider the proof of uneasy a impartial counterfeit three terms and observing either guides or tails.

a) Construct a tree diagram of the proof.

b) Construct the illustration room for the proof.

c) What is the likelihood of precisely one guide?  
In a illustration of propaganda tyros, 100 feed on campus, 60 feed after a while family off campus, and 40 feed in an berth off campus.

a) What is the likelihood a strayly clarified tyro feeds off campus?

b) What character of likelihood (theoretical, tentative, or spontaneous) did you use to detail your rejoinder?  
Explain why suits in a invest of cards (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades) are mutually scientific.

In a national excellent discipline after a while 500 tyros, there are 200 feminines, 100 sophomores, and 50 feminine sophomores.

a) If we elect a tyro at stray what is the likelihood we elect a feminine or sophomore?

b) Furnish the likelihood a strayly clarified tyro is a hardy or a sophomore.
c) Furnish the likelihood a strayly clarified tyro is a feminine and is not a sophomore. 
The Nielsen Apps Playbook was a contemplate captured in 2010 of 3691 mass on the use of collective networking apps. The results are shown below:
Downloaded A Collective Networking App in the Decisive 30 Days

Find the likelihood that a strayly separated special has the subjoined characteristics:

a) Is feminine

b) Has downloaded a collective networking app in the decisive 30 days

c) Is a feminine who has downloaded a collective networking app in the decisive 30 days.

d) Is a feminine or has downloaded a collective networking app in the decisive 30 days.  
Given: P(Ac) = 0.8, P(B) = 0.3,  and P(B/A) = 0.2:

a) Compute P(A and B).

b) Compute P(A or B).
Thirty percent of tyros at a national propaganda transfer statistics. Ninety percent of the tyros induction statistics at the propaganda by the manner. What is the likelihood that a tyro procure transfer statistics and by the manner?


Given: A and B are recalcitrant uniformts and P(A) = 0.5 and P(B) = 0.2. Use the limitation of occupied likelihood on page 154 to acceleration detail:

a) P(A and B)

b) P(A/B)

c) P(B/A)
d) P(A and B)c 
At Northern Connecticut University, 55% of the tyros are feminine. Of these, 10% are office greaters. Furnish the subjoined probabilities magnificent sampling after a whileout replacement:

a) A strayly separated tyro is a feminine office greater.

b) If potential, furnish the likelihood that two strayly clarified tyros are office greaters. If not potential, decipher why not.  
What is the likelihood of an uniformt that is impracticable?

Evaluate the countenance 6! / (2!4!) after a whileout using the factorial key on a calculator. Show your steps.

In how numerous ways can the 25 members of a 4H club separated a moderator, a vice- moderator, and a treasurer?

Suppose that you flatten two six-sided die. How numerous of the outcomes feel a sum of 7?

A southeast regional salesman has prospect destinations that he must pilgrimage to this month: Atlanta, Raleigh, Charleston, Nashville, Jacksonville, Richmond, Mobile, and Jackson. How numerous contrariant potential routes could he transfer?

How numerous perspicuous strings of learning can we reach by using all the learning in the engagement PIZZA?


A sit-down restaurant has two characters of appetizers: garden salad and buffalo wings. It has three entrees: Spaghetti, steak and chicken. And it offers three characters of dessert: ice acme, cake and pie. 
Draw a tree diagram to state all the meals a customer can command at this restaurant. 
How numerous contrariant meals can a customer command at this restaurant?

The likelihood that a tyro separated at stray from your adjust is a math greater is 0.27. What is the likelihood that a tyro separated at stray from your adjust is not a math greater? 
In how numerous contrariant ways can a special elect three movies to see in a theater uncounted 11 movies? 
The likelihood that our team procure terminate pristine in the recruitment pursuit is 0.25. What are the odds of our team attractive the pursuit?

A scientist is choosing six books to transfer on recreation, from a stack of 34. How numerous contrariant combinations of books are there? 
A seven-character computer byengagement can be any three learning of the alphabet, ensueed by two numerical digits, ensueed by two past learning. How numerous contrariant bywords are potential?

A hair salon did a contemplate of 354 customers touching content after a while employment and character of customer. A walk-in customer is one who has seen no ads and not been referred. The other customers either saw a TV ad or were referred to the salon (but not twain). The results ensue.

Assume the illustration states the full population of customers. Furnish the likelihood that a customer is
not content

not content and a walk-in

very content, consecrated referred

neutral or referred

saw add and was referred

25. A Critical Thinking Exercise
According to the American Management Association, most U.S. companies now proof at smallest some employees and job applicants for refuse use. The U.S. National Institute on Refuse Abuse claims that encircling 15% of mass in the 18-25 age grasp use unfair refuses. Allyn Clark, a 21 year-old propaganda disequalize, applied for a job at the Acton Paper Company, took a refuse proof, and was not offered a job. He reported that he authority feel failed the refuse proof, uniform though he does not use refuses. In checking after a while the company's specialnel function, he set-up that the refuse proof has 99% sensitivity, which media that merely 1% of refuse users defectively proof denying. Also, the proof has 98% specificity, significance that merely 2% of nonusers are defectively signed as refuse users. Allyn felt conspicuous by these figures consequently he believed that they reflected a very legitimate proof that usually provides cheerful results. But is this truly penny?
The congenial consultation shows axioms for Allyn and 1,999 other job applicants. Based on those results:

a) Furnish P(dishonorable explicit); that is, furnish the likelihood of strayly separateding one of the subjects who proofed explicit and getting someone who does not use refuses. 

b) Furnish P(dishonorable denying); that is, furnish the likelihood of strayly separateding someone who proofed denying and getting someone who does use refuses. 

c) Are the probabilities of these crime results low sufficient so that job applicants and the Acton Paper Company demand not be concerned? Explain your rejoinders.