You roll a fair dice once. a) what is the probability of rolling a 3?

Directions: Round all probabilities to four decimal places.
You flatten a reasonable dice unintermittently. 
a) What is the likelihood of flattening a 3?
b) What is the likelihood of flattening a 3 or 5?
c) Illustrate why the likelihood of flattening a 3 cannot be greater than the likelihood of flattening a 3 or 5.
You flatten a uncombined reasonable die two era.

a) Ascertain the likelihood of observing two well-balanced total.

b) Ascertain the likelihood of flattening cipher well-balanced total.  
Consider the exemplification of sleepless a reasonable fabricate three eras and observing either crisiss or tails.

a) Construct a tree diagram of the exemplification.

b) Construct the case illimitableness for the exemplification.

c) What is the likelihood of accurately one crisis?  
In a case of academy wards, 100 feed on campus, 60 feed after a while nativity off campus, and 40 feed in an berth off campus.

a) What is the likelihood a unpremeditatedly clarified ward feeds off campus?

b) What sign of likelihood (theoretical, experimental, or impulsive) did you use to state your repartee?  
Explain why suits in a set-in-manage of cards (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades) are mutually scientific.

In a persomal tall discipline after a while 500 wards, there are 200 womanlys, 100 sophomores, and 50 womanly sophomores.

a) If we prefer a ward at unpremeditated what is the likelihood we prefer a womanly or sophomore?

b) Ascertain the likelihood a unpremeditatedly clarified ward is a virile or a sophomore.
c) Ascertain the likelihood a unpremeditatedly clarified ward is a womanly and is not a sophomore. 
The Nielsen Apps Playbook was a contemplate enslaved in 2010 of 3691 mass on the use of collective networking apps. The results are shown below:
Downloaded A Collective Networking App in the Terminal 30 Days

Find the likelihood that a unpremeditatedly fideficiency special has the forthcoming characteristics:

a) Is womanly

b) Has downloaded a collective networking app in the terminal 30 days

c) Is a womanly who has downloaded a collective networking app in the terminal 30 days.

d) Is a womanly or has downloaded a collective networking app in the terminal 30 days.  
Given: P(Ac) = 0.8, P(B) = 0.3,  and P(B/A) = 0.2:

a) Compute P(A and B).

b) Compute P(A or B).
Thirty percent of wards at a persomal academy siege statistics. Ninety percent of the wards vestibule statistics at the academy ignoring the direction. What is the likelihood that a ward achieve siege statistics and ignoring the direction?


Given: A and B are refractory well-balancedts and P(A) = 0.5 and P(B) = 0.2. Use the specification of qualified likelihood on page 154 to aid state:

a) P(A and B)

b) P(A/B)

c) P(B/A)
d) P(A and B)c 
At Northern Connecticut University, 55% of the wards are womanly. Of these, 10% are matter elders. Ascertain the forthcoming probabilities coxcombical sampling after a whileout replacement:

a) A unpremeditatedly fideficiency ward is a womanly matter elder.

b) If potential, ascertain the likelihood that two unpremeditatedly clarified wards are matter elders. If not potential, illustrate why not.  
What is the likelihood of an well-balancedt that is impracticable?

Evaluate the indication 6! / (2!4!) after a whileout using the factorial key on a calculator. Show your steps.

In how manifold ways can the 25 members of a 4H club fine a superintendent, a vice- superintendent, and a treasurer?

Suppose that you flatten two six-sided die. How manifold of the outcomes bear a sum of 7?

A southeast regional hawker has prospect destinations that he must tramp to this month: Atlanta, Raleigh, Charleston, Nashville, Jacksonville, Richmond, Mobile, and Jackson. How manifold irrelative potential routes could he siege?

How manifold clear strings of learning can we create by using all the learning in the vocable PIZZA?


A sit-down restaurant has two signs of appetizers: field salad and buffalo wings. It has three entrees: Spaghetti, steak and chicken. And it offers three signs of dessert: ice gist, cake and pie. 
Draw a tree diagram to embody all the meals a customer can manage at this restaurant. 
How manifold irrelative meals can a customer manage at this restaurant?

The likelihood that a ward fideficiency at unpremeditated from your rank is a math elder is 0.27. What is the likelihood that a ward fideficiency at unpremeditated from your rank is not a math elder? 
In how manifold irrelative ways can a special prefer three movies to see in a theater unoccupied 11 movies? 
The likelihood that our team achieve accomplish original in the recruitment course is 0.25. What are the odds of our team seductive the course?

A linguist is choosing six books to siege on recreation, from a stack of 34. How manifold irrelative combinations of books are there? 
A seven-character computer ignoringvocable can be any three learning of the alphabet, flourished by two numerical digits, flourished by two past learning. How manifold irrelative ignoringwords are potential?

A hair salon did a contemplate of 354 customers concerning remuneration after a while advantage and sign of customer. A walk-in customer is one who has seen no ads and not been referred. The other customers either saw a TV ad or were referred to the salon (but not twain). The results flourish.

Assume the case embodys the total population of customers. Ascertain the likelihood that a customer is
not kind

not kind and a walk-in

very kind, abandoned referred

neutral or referred

saw add and was referred

25. A Critical Thinking Exercise
According to the American Management Association, most U.S. companies now touchstone at last some employees and job applicants for offal use. The U.S. National Institute on Offal Abuse claims that encircling 15% of mass in the 18-25 age unite use unfair offals. Allyn Clark, a 21 year-old academy graduate, applied for a job at the Acton Paper Company, took a offal touchstone, and was not offered a job. He reputed that he effectiveness bear failed the offal touchstone, well-balanced though he does not use offals. In checking after a while the company's specialnel line, he establish that the offal touchstone has 99% sensitivity, which media that simply 1% of offal users improperly touchstone denying. Also, the touchstone has 98% specificity, purport that simply 2% of nonusers are improperly identified as offal users. Allyn felt leading by these figures owing he believed that they reflected a very received touchstone that usually provides good-tempered-tempered results. But is this truly gentleman?
The cognate consideration shows basis for Allyn and 1,999 other job applicants. Based on those results:

a) Ascertain P(faithless decisive); that is, ascertain the likelihood of unpremeditatedly fineing one of the subjects who touchstodeficiency decisive and getting someone who does not use offals. 

b) Ascertain P(faithless denying); that is, ascertain the likelihood of unpremeditatedly fineing someone who touchstodeficiency denying and getting someone who does use offals. 

c) Are the probabilities of these crime results low plenty so that job applicants and the Acton Paper Company deficiency not be restless? Explain your repartees.