University of the Cumberlands Data Mining Questions


Question 1
In your own control, examine the reasons subsequently Data Analysis and Data Mining graceful over and over widespread (almost to a rate of nature a capability for any mid/large dimension businesses). Give at lowest 3 reasons and elucidate them (content use numbering for your 3 reasons):

Question 2
Assume, two attributes own a interrelation of 0.02; what does this ascertain you environing the sympathy of the two attributes? Answer the corresponding doubt splendid the interrelation is -0.98.

Question 3 :

Give the definitions of

Training set and Cupel set:

Also, Elucidate the functionality of each one:

Question 4

What is overfitting? Why is it so problematic for Decision Tree Induction? How to discourse overfitting?

Question 8

Given two standards of classification

– Standard M1: hit = 85%, cupeled on 30 instances

– Standard M2: hit = 75%, cupeled on 5000 instances

What cupel would succor to meet which standard is reform?


Test of Reliability


Test of Accuracy


Test of Standard Fitness


Test of Significance