UCB Memo stage two dgdg


Memo: Position 2



Continue your momentous criterion of the one or late presumptive amounts in your construction.  Incorporate feedback from your pedagogue while too letter a new exception.  Use not an academic but a office mode.


Below is component environing this position.

Revise the era of your memo and extend its collectiveness and references.

Limit this position of your memo to a culmination of 2 pages after a while 1-inch margins, 12-point serif font, and double-spacing.

Incorporate your pedagogue’s feedback on the earlier positions of your memo.

Continue to transcribe the collectiveness of your memo by inserting the exception indicate “The Approach.”

Use the late smart for this exception.

Then offer that you followed a unfair mode for momentously examining the presumptive amount and use prose to counter-argument the questions beneath.  Do not narrowly restate the questions and get their counter-arguments. Instead, fix that the collectiveness has a fact run. 

Who was concerned in the mode for momentously examining the one or late presumptive amounts?  If you authenticate late than 5 tribe, debate the 5 most considerable tribe merely.  Provide each person’s indicate, indicate, construction, and role in the mode (i.e., in stipulations of nature an buttresser, established team limb, or satisfied expert).

What steps did the team follow to momentously criticize the one or late presumptive amounts?

Throughout this exception, get tit buttress for your statements after a while (a) postulates and (b) values from constructional balanceviews (e.g., an “About Us” page on a website) or codes of spend (e.g., “Code of Ethics,” “Principles of Functional Practice,” or “Responsible Code of Conduct”) and functional codes of spend.

When intent from sources, get passages in the collectiveness and a “References” postscript in agreement after a while APA.

Upload your assignment near by the deadline.


  1. Following is the grading rubric:

CriterionPotential PointsActual PointsFeedback: Incorporate pedagogue’s feedback from earlier drafts of the memo2 Analysis: Convergence on the questions, get tit counter-arguments 5 Specificity: Avoid equivocal statements, be concise3 Clarity: Define stipulations, use transitions to incorporate ideas2 Justification: Use trustworthy sources, offer tit postulates, fix a greater counterpoise of postulates balance speculation5 Values: Sufficiently authenticate the constructional and functional values; incorporate the values to the issues5 Editing: Follow APA mode akin to mechanics, passage, and referencing3 Total2

  1. Readings from this week, you can quote from them if needed.

he forthcoming balbutiation defines presumptive fearlessness. 

  1. Hannah, S. T., Avolio, B. J., & May, D. R. (2011). Presumptive maturation and presumptive conation: A accommodation appropinquation to explaining presumptive idea and force. Academy of Management Review, 36(4), 663-685. (convergence on “Moral Courage” on pp. 676-677)

One way to construct presumptive fearlessness is to authenticate instructors.  The forthcoming balbutiation gets tips on how to ascertain instructors in the effectplace.  Although it is written by a womanly for womanly functionals, the order is congruous to hardy functionals as well-behaved.  Your narrative note conciliate construct on this balbutiation, so I confide that you interpret the questions for the narrative note precedently you go through the balbutiation (selected narrative note from the warning navigation menu).

  1. Sandberg, S. (2013). Are you my instructor? (pp. 64-76). In Lean In: Women, effect, and the conciliate to transfer. New York, New York: Lean In Foundation. (interpret all 13 pages)