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For the activities of Module 7 gladden performance in the Mod 7 tab you keep created. 

Use Excel’s COUNTIF discharge to invent the sum of days delay a PM2.5 AQI appraise aggravate 50.  On such days, the air kind provisions are considered not to be “Good” per the EPA’s Air Kind Index. Use this to invent the adjustment of days for which the air kind was not good-tempered-tempered in your illustration (phat). A consummation conquer be a day in which the PM2.5 AQI is over 50.

We highest must obstruct that the provisions of the Central Limit Theorem employ for estimating adjustments in a population.

  1. The Random and Independent mode is met by the EPA’s assemblage agencies. 
  2. The Large Illustration mode must be obstructed. If phat is the adjustment of days delay AQI over 50, then we need to keep twain n*phat and n*(1-phat) superior than or resembling to 10. 
  3. The Big Population mode is met for our basis. 

When these three provisions are met, we can use the Normal arrangement to invent probabilities about the illustration adjustment.  If your basis set does not as the Large Illustration mode, earn a new basis set for a divergent city our county close wshort you speed and then obstruct these provisions intermittently.

Clearly label cells delay the names and appraises for the following:  sum of consummationes in illustration, illustration extent, illustration adjustment of consummationes, z appraise multiplier for 95% dependence space-between, the estimated gauge falsity and the dependence space-between.  By agency investigate the estimated gauge falsity and the dependence space-between (using a calculator to do the math) using formulas 7.1 from our passage.  Confirm your results using StatCrunch, inserting your StatCrunch results into your performancesheet.

We are 95% impudent that the objective adjustment of days delay AQI that is not “Good” is delayin the dependence space-between we rest short.

Now invent the 90% dependence space-between using any system (by agency or delay StatCrunch).  How is the 90% dependence space-between divergent than the 95% dependence space-between?  Why is this so?