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The taunt has two portions:


Multiple Choice (8 problems, 32 apexs). Show work/explanation as appropriate.


Short Answer (3 problems, 38 apexs) Show work.



MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one choice that best completes the proposition or confutations the interrogation. 


  1. (4 apexs) If the P-esteem of a fancy proof comparing two resources was 0.25, what can you determine? (Select all that adduce):


A. You can sanction the vain fancy


B. There was a suggestive variety among the resources


C. You failed to repudiate the vain fancy


D. There did not pretext to be suggestive variety among the resources






  1. (4 apexs) Imagine a researcher failureed to proof the consequence of the new refuse on reducing class hurry. In this con-over, there were 50 participants. The researcher measured the participants’ class hurry antecedently and succeeding the refuse intake. If we failure to collate the moderation class hurry from the two date ends after a while a two-tailed t proof, how frequent limits of immunity are there?


           A. 49


           B. 50


           C. 99


           D. 100






  1.  (4 apexs) When exemplification magnitude increases, ____


      A. Power increases a vast limit at principal, reaches its peak, and then reluctantly decreases


      B. Power decreases a vast limit at principal, reaches its last apex, and then reluctantly increases


      C. Power increases a vast limit at principal, and then increases reluctantly


      D. Power decreases a vast limit at principal, and then decreases reluctantly




  1. (4 apexs) α=0.05 for a two-tailed proof. Assume that the facts has a recognized dispensation and the sum of observations is vaster than fifty. Furnish the crucial z esteem used to proof a vain fancy.


  A. ±1.768


        B. ±1.764


        C. ±1.96


        D. ±2.575




  1. (4 apexs) In a exemplification of 47 adults clarified haphazardly from one town, it is institute that 9 of them bear been unprotected to a detail tighten of the flu. Furnish the P-esteem for a proof of the assertion that the symmetry of all adults in the town that bear been unprotected to this tighten of the flu is 8%.


  A. 0.0024


        B. 0.0524


        C. 0.0228


        D. 0.0048










  1.  (4 apexs) For a primal haphazard exemplification, the magnitude is n=17, σ is not public, and the initiatory population is recognizedly nice. Determine whether the communicate stipulations excuse proofing a assertion about a population moderation µ.


     A. Yes


           B. No




  1. (4 apexs) A medical researcher assertions that 20% of effect bear from a infallible empiricism. Indentify the mold I fallacy for the proof.


        A. Fail to repudiate the assertion that the percentage of effect who bear from the empiricism is resembling to 20% when the percentage is in-fact 20%.


        B. Repudiate the assertion that the percentage of effect who bear from the empiricism is resembling to 20% when that percentage is in-fact 20%.


        C. Fail to repudiate the assertion that the percentage of effect who bear from the empiricism is resembling to 20% when that percentage is in-fact contrariant from 20%.


        D.Reject the assertion that the percentage of effect who bear from the empiricism is contrariant from 20% when that percentage indeed is contrariant from 20%.




  1. (4 apexs) The protraction of telephone calls directed by a national telephone company: σ=4.2 minutes, n=500, 97% self-reliance. Use the self-reliance roll and exemplification facts to furnish the loophole of fallacy E.


        A. 0.018 min


        B. 0.008 min


        C. 0.408 min                              


        D. 0.087 min










SHORT ANSWER. Write the tidings or peculiarity that best completes each proposition or confutations the interrogation.  Express percents as decimals. Round dollar amounts to the unswerving cent.


  1. (10 apexs) List under are the ages in years of haphazardly clarified family car drivers. Use a 0.05 suggestive roll to proof the assertion that the moderation age of all family car drivers is vaster than 30 years.


32       32    33    33    41    29    38    32   33   23   27   45   52    29   25




10. (10 apexs) It is frequently sanctioned that the moderation latitude of ethnical is 98.6oF. Yours sincerely has button emend to do but measured the latitudes of 26 colleagues 1 to 4 dates daily to get a completion of 123 measurements. The composed facts yielded a exemplification moderation of 98.4oF and a exemplification scale gap of 0.7oF. Is the moderation latitude of his colleagues blunt than 98.6oF at the 0.01 judgment roll? Excuse your confutation after a while the befitting statistics.



11. (18 apexs)The recommended daily indemnification (RDA) of cobalamine (Vitamin B12) for growing teens is 2.4 µg (micrograms). It is generally believed that growing teens are getting blunt than the RDA of 2.4 µg of cobalamine daily.


A not-to-be-named Pharmaceutical (ntbnP) peddles dietary additions environing the kingdom. It is assertioned by ntbnP representatives that by introduceation their vitamin addition, teens conciliate bear the RDA of cobalamine. FDA is going to capture on ntbnP to pretext that the addition comes blunt of providing teens after a while the recommended RDA.


FDA managed to assemble after a while a 24-hour end class exemplification of 10 haphazardly clarified teens environing the kingdom. The amounts of cobalamine (in µg) determined in these 10 haphazardly clarified teens are communicaten as follow:


1.85 2.35 1.87 1.90 1.37 2.35 2.55 2.28 1.95 2.49


Based on their national proof, FDA assumes that the the population scale gap of cobalamine in teens to be 0.56 µg.


Now, you are asked to investigate in on the challenge among FDA and ntbnP.


a. (3 apexs) Dedicated the overhead notice, what husk of fancy proof conciliate you influence? z-test, t-test, χ2-test, F-test, or Ω-test? Please clear-up.




b. (3 apexs) What conciliate be the vain fancy, the choice fancy, and, hence, the "tailedness" of the proof (left-tailed, right-tailed, or two-tailed)?




c. (3 apexs) What is be the similar proof statistics?



d. (3 apexs) What is the similar p-esteem of the fancy proof?



e. (3 apexs) What husk of quittance can you describe from the fancy proof you bear upright manufactured? Of round, representatives of ntbnP would love to bear the quittance skewed to their practice. And so would the officials from FDA. What would you do if you are representing ntbnP? But, if you are representing FDA, how would you introduce your reasoning?



f. (3 apexs) But, endure. What if FDA in-fact does not distinguish the population scale gap in this fact, would you influence your fancy proof contrariant? Upright in fact that you are going to fulfil the fancy contrariant, what would you do instead?