Statistics for categorical data: odds ratios and chi-square


This assignment focuses on distinct facts. Two of the statistics most repeatedly used to ordeal hypotheses environing distinct facts are odds familiaritys (ORs) and the chi-square. The malady-OR refers to the odds in regard of malady in the unprotected collocation disjoined by the odds in regard of the ununprotected collocation. Chi-square statistics gauge the estrangement among the observed counts and the identical expected counts. The expected counts are provisionally counts that would supervene if the inoperative conjecture were penny.

Part 1: ORs

A examine conducted by López-Carnllo, Avila, and Dubrow (1994) investigated soundness hazards associated delay the decrease of help national to a feature geographic area, in this condition chili peppers feature to Mexico. It was a population-based condition-moderate examine in Mexico City on the conformity among chili pepper decrease and gastric cancer occasion. Subjects for the examine consisted of 213 crystalline conditions and 697 moderates randomly chosen from the unconcealed population. Interviews done the subjoined notice touching chili decrease:

Table 1: Chili Pepper Decrease and Gastric Cancer Risk

Chili pepper decreaseCase of gastric cancerControlsYesA = 204B = 552NoC = 9D = 145


López-Carnllo, L., Avila, M. H., & Dubrow, R. (1994). Chili pepper decrease
           and gastric cancer in Mexico: A condition-moderate examine. American Journal of
, 139(3), 263–271.

Note: You do not want to use the Minitab software to adequate this assignment.

In a Microsoft Excel worksheet, rate the odds of having gastric cancer.

In restitution, stipulate a written explanation of your results in APA format.

Refer to the Assignment Resources: Odds Ratio to intention an model of odds familiarity. The identical device is too proficonsideration beneath disquisition Testing Hypotheses.

Submission Details:

  • Name your worksheet SU_PHE5020_W3_A2a_LastName_FirstInitial.xls.
  • Name your instrument SU_PHE5020_W3_A2b_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.

Part 2: Chi-Square

Bain, Willett, Hennekens, Rosner, Belanger, and Speizer (1981) conducted a examine of the familiarity among floating postmenopausal hormone use and occasion of nonfatal myocardial infarction (MI), in which 88 women reporting a distinction of MI and 1,873 soundnessy moderate subjects were attested from a liberal population of married womanly registered nurses primeval thirty to fifty-five years. To ordeal the conjecture that there is no familiarity among use of postmenopausal hormones and occasion of MI, chi-square statistics want to be rated.

The facts are presented as follows:

Table 2: Familiarity among Postmenopausal Hormone Use and Occasion of Nonfatal MI

 CasesControlsTotalCurrently use32825857Never use561,0481,104Total881,8731,961


Bain, C., Willett, W., Hennekens, C. H., Rosner, B., Belanger, C., & Speizer,
           F. E. (1981). Use of postmenopausal hormones and occasion of myocardial
           infarction. Circulation, 64(1), 42–46.

Using the Minitab progress, invade the facts, transact withhold progresss, and stipulate calculations from the consideration.

In restitution, in a Microsoft Word instrument, stipulate a written explanation of your results in APA format.

Submission Details:

  • Name your Minitab output finish SU_PHE5020_W3_A2c_LastName_FirstInitial.mtw.
  • Name your instrument SU_PHE5020_W3_A2d_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Initial setup of the assignment—introduction.


Explanation of the criteria for selecting the progress in Minitab.


Proper use of the Minitab statistical segregation implement and preventive.


Provided a observation of the output.


Written explanation of results using reform spelling, expression, professional vocabulary, and APA format.