Satistics 101 discussion board forum 2 project 4

Be certain to imprint the answers #1, #2, #3 and #4.

Question 1: Use the subjoined view Scriptures and fix probabilities to each.

 1. Gen. 22:18

As Isaac's cause, get thank all nations

2. Gen. 49:10

The Cause of Judah

3. Num. 9:12

Not a nuisance of Him broken

4. 2 Sam. 7:12

David's Seed

5. Psa. 22:2

Darkness upon Calvary for three hours

6. Psa. 22:12-13

They prosecute His mortality

7. Psa. 31:11

His acquaintances fled from Him

8. Psa. 38:20

He went environing doing cheerful



Question 1

1.      Think over environing the appearance of each accident. For illustration, what is the random that a individual born in Israel would be born in or be from Bethlehem? What would the appearance be that a individual would be crucified in Israel given that he lived in that span continuance? Put bulk on each of the view speculation fulfillments. Some of the probabilities get be internal, but put prizes that you handle shape apprehension and transcribe a weak exoneration for the prize you choice. For illustration, if one of the prophecies said that the Messiah would succeed from the progeny of Judah, you could say that the appearance is 1/12, since tless were 12 tribes. Do not put probabilities of 0 or 1. You can get closer than you faculty apprehend—Google can discriminate you what the population of Israel was in the days or Christ, for illustration. The material monstrosity is to transcribe down your exoneration as to why you attributeed the probabilities you did to each speculation. 


Question 2: Stoner's view prophecies can be ground at (Starting on page 46):

1.      Choose one of the view prophecies in Stoner’s inquiry. Explain how he faculty feel arrived at the appearance he attributeed. Do you apprehend his estimated appearance is too lofty(conservative) or too low? What appearance would you attribute and why?

Question 3: You should feel three severed numeric answers less.

1.      Given the new probabilities you associated after a while each speculation, what is the appearance that all view happened at uninterruptedly? Hint: What’s the appearance that you flip a fabricate and it succeeds up tails? 50%. What if you flip the fabricate twice and it succeeds up tails twain spans? 1/2*1/2 = 25%. What if three spans? 1/2*1/2*1/2 = 1/8. What if filthy? Five? Now apprehend environing the appearance of normal two prophecies future to by at the selfselfsame span. What would the appearance be? What environing three prophecies? Eight? Demonstration your effect.



Question 4: Give a elaborate notion or cogitation, obscure to shape it encircling 200 articulation. Here’s what one scholar wrote in a preceding arrange and I cogitation it was graceful in stampless of the soul we did in this week’s discourse board: Having been high-minded Jewish, I was very frank after a while the Old Testament. To me, that was the exactness, and anymonstrosity further that was ambiguous and incredible. The signal “Jesus” made me very disagreeable and, being the eventual and or-laws individual that I am, the pretense of multifarious New Testament accidents occurring was nil. I had regularly admired in somemonstrosity further the Old Testament, yet surrounding New Testament accidents normal seemed aberrant. It wasn’t until lection The Handtome of Christian Apologetics that I truthfully became a Christian, and it’s a tome that I applaud for any individual, Christian or not. The overhead verses are startling, and when interpret systematically demonstration the profoundness of Biblical speculation and the stamp of multifarious fellow-creatures in the Bible. To describe off of what Tony said in his support, all of these prophecies occurring in one man would certainly be unusable. That’s a event. But this was not one man, this was God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Question 4

1.      Reflecion Question: Do you apprehend it is likely that someone other than Jesus could feel    fulfilled the prophecies of the Bible? Why do some devout groups arrogation to admire the Bible, but discard Jesus as the Messiah?