Qnt 351 final exam-latest 2016


1)An corroboration for American Health Insurance reports that 20% of policyholders yield a right during the year. 15 policyholders are chosen chancely. What is the presumption that at regulationrationest 3 of them yieldted a right the prior year?    





2) A learning immovable conducted a examine to enumerate the regulationration quantity consistent smokers consume on cigarettes during a week.  A specimen of 64 smokers orthodox that  = $20 and S = $5.  What is the 95% reliance period for μ? 

$18.78 to $21.23

18.16 to 21.84

$18.60 to $21.40

18.37 to 21.63

3) When a rank period is developed as 100 up to 200, _________________________. 

Observations delay appraises of 200 are included in the rank

Observations delay appraises of 200 are surrounding from the rank

Observations delay appraises of 100 are surrounding from the rank

The rank period is 99

4) A collocation of women mature five brands of fingernail make-glossy and ranked them according to gratification. What roll of mass is this? 





5) A space train bear equation for Hammer Hardware is Y’ = 5.6 + 1.2t, where sales are in pets of dollars and t acceptions by one ace for each year. If the appraise of sales in the cheap year of 2016 is $5.6 pet, what would be the venerated sales quantity for 2018?

$8 pet

$6.8 pet

Unable to enumerate from absorbed notice

$5.6 pet

6) A gravity-detriment command wants to statistically confirm that its methods achievement. They chancely chosen 10 clients who had been on the gravity detriment program for among 55 and 65 days. They looked at their initiation gravitys and their exoteric gravity. The statistical trial they should persomalize is:

t trial for unlikeness in paired specimens

z trial for two population interrelationships

z trial for two population regulationrations

t trial for two population regulationrations

7) A coffee manufacturer is ardent in whether the regulationration daily decline of regular-coffee drinkers is short than that of decaffeinated-coffee drinkers.  A chance specimen of 50 regular-coffee drinkers showed a regulationration of 4.35 cups per day, delay a exemplar rupture of 1.2 cups per day.  A specimen of 40 decaffeinated coffee drinkers showed a regulationration of 5.84 cups per day, delay a exemplar rupture of 1.36 cups per day.  What is your computed z-statistic?

z = -2.45

z = -5.44

z = -1.81

z = – 3.90

8) A conjecture concerning the gravity of newborn infants at a similarity hospital is that the regulationration is 6.6 pounds. A specimen of seven infants is chancely chosen and their gravitys at family are chronicled as 9.0, 7.3, 6.0, 8.8, 6.8, 8.4, and 6.6 pounds. What is the halt conjecture? 

H1: µ ≠ 6.6

H1: µ ≥ 6.6

H1: µ > 7.6

H1: µ = 6.6

9) As the bigness of the specimen acceptions what happens to the figure of the division of specimen regulationrations? 

It accesses a usual division.

It cannot be predicted in action.

It is positively skewed.

It is negatively skewed.

10) You discharge a conjecture trial at the .05 roll of perception.  Your computed p-appraise turns out to .042.  What is your firmness environing the conjecture? 

You would renounce Ho

You would recognize Ho

You would recognize Ho if it is a two-tailed trial, but renounce Ho if a one-tailed trial

You can’t return a firmness unshort you recognize the computed trial statistic

11) University officials say that at regulationrationest 70% of the voting avert population supports a fee acception. If the 95% reliance period estimating the interrelationship of averts sustaining the fee acception is [0.75, 0.85], what misentry can be pulln? 

Since this was not cheapd on the population, no misentry can be pulln.

Seventy percent is not in the period, so suppose it get not be cheered.

The period venerate is aloft 70%, so hesitate that it get be cheered.

Seventy percent is not in the period, so another specimen is needed.

12) The regulationration of a usual division is 400 pounds. The exemplar rupture is 10 pounds. What is the presumption of a gravity among 415 pounds and the regulationration of 400 pounds? 





13) The MacBurger restaurant fetter rights that the stoppage space of customers for use is usually arranged, delay a regulationration of 3 microscopics and a exemplar rupture of 1 microscopic.  The quality-assurance branch establish in a specimen of 50 customers at the Warren Road MacBurger that the regulationration stoppage space was 2.75 microscopics.  When you discharge a trial of conjecture, what would be the resulting p-value? 





14) The plod estate of bores mounted on light-duty trucks follows the usual presumption division delay a regulationration of 60,000 miles and a exemplar rupture of 4,000 miles. Suppose you bought a set of indecent bores, what is the presumption the regulationration bore estate of these indecent bores is among 57,000 and 63,000 miles? 


Very likely



15) In a division, the cooperate quartile corresponds delay the __________.





16) A collocation of 100 averts was examineed environing their cause in a new International Studies program. Cause was measured in provisions of excellent, mediocre, or low. In the consider, 30 averts responded excellent cause, 40 averts responded mediocre cause, and 30 averts responded low cause. What is the referring-to quantity of averts delay excellent cause? 





17) The Director of Golf for a persomal race wants to consider the enumerate of rounds played by members on weekdays. He collected the specimen notice shown underneath for 520 rounds. At the .05 perception roll, is there a unlikeness in the enumerate of rounds played by day of the week?













No, consequently χ2 = 11.793

Yes, consequently χ2 = 15.308

No, consequently χ2 = 7.715

Yes, consequently χ2 = 12.288

18) Which access to presumption supposes that the events are similar likely?


Mutually exclusive



19) Sales at a fast-food restaurant mediocre $6000 per day. The restaurant ruled to bring-in an advertising war to acception daily sales. To enumerate the usefulness of the advertising war, a specimen of 49 days of sales was enslaved. It establish that the mediocre daily sales were $6,400 per day. From gone-by fact, the restaurant knew that its population exemplar rupture is environing $1,000. The appraise of the trial statistic is _______. 





20) A consider by the National Park Use orthodox that 50% of the vacationers going to the Rocky Mountain territory investigate Yellowstone Park, 40% investigate the Grand Tetons, and 35% investigate twain. What is the presumption that a vacationer get investigate at regulationrationest one of these sublime attractions? 





21) The ages of all the patients in the disconnection avert of the hospital are 38, 26, 13, 41, and 22. What is the population exemplar rupture? 





22) The division of a specimen of the beyond diameters of PVC pipes approximates a regular, bell-shaped division. The arithmetic regulationration is 14.0 inches, and the exemplar rupture is 0.1 inches. Environing 68% of the beyond diameters lie among what two quantitys? 

13.5 and 14.5 inches

13.9 and 14.1 inches

13.0 and 15.0 inches

13.8 and 14.2 inches

23) Each month the National Association of Purchasing Managers publishes the NAPM abjuration.  One of the topics asked on the examine to purchasing agents is: Do you contemplate that the husbanding is expanding?  Last month, of the 300 responses, 160 answered “yes” to the topic.  This month, 170 of the 290 responses implied that the husbanding is expanding.  If you’re trialing to furnish if a larger interrelationship of agents believe that the husbanding is expanding this month, what is your computed trial statistic?

z = -1.29

t = -1.25

t = -1.07

z = -1.11

24) The primeval card chosen from a exemplar 52-card equip was a king. If it is returned to the equip, what is the presumption that a king get be pulln on the cooperate gathering? 

1/3 or 0.33

1/13 or 0.077

1/4 or 0.25

12/13 or 0.923

25) An specimen of a ascititious shifting is _________________. 

Weight of a person

Miles among oil changes

Number of consequence in a family

Color of ink in a pen

26) Which of the aftercited is gentleman concerning the usual division? 

It has two regulations.

The points of the incurvation engage the x-axis at z = -3 and z = 3.

It is asymmetrical.

The regulationration, median, and regulation are all correspondent.

27 )What is the class of appraises for a coefficient of interdependence? 

Unlimited class

0 to +1.0

-1.0 to +1.0 inclusive

-3 to +3 inclusive

28) Consider the aftercited return partition among sales (Y in $1000) and political media advertising (X in dollars).  = 55,000 + 7X

The return equation implies that an:

acception of $1 in advertising is associated delay an acception of $7,000 in sales.

acception of $1 in advertising is associated delay an acception of $62,000 in sales.

acception of $7 in advertising is associated delay an acception of $7,000 in sales.

acception of $1 in advertising is associated delay an acception of $7 in sales.

29) When statisticians criticise specimen grounds in command to pull misentrys environing the characteristics of a population, this is referred to as: 

Descriptive statistics

Data summarization

Statistical hesitateence

Data partition

30) What is the median of 26, 30, 24, 32, 32, 31, 27, and 29?