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1.      Exercise 4.0a 

You are visiting the rainforest, but unfortunately your insect repulsive has run out. As a end, at each cooperate, a mosquito property on your neck delay appearance 0.5. If a mosquito property, it get bite you delay appearance 0.2, and it get never worry you delay appearance 0.8, unconnectedly of other mosquitoes. What is the appearance of substance bit for the 1st interval in the 5th cooperate?


2 points   


1.      Exercise 4.0b

You emit n = 10 unspotted counterfeits, each appearanceing heads delay appearance p1 = 0.5, unconnectedly of the other emites. Each counterfeit that appearances tails is then emited again, unintermittently. Succeeding forthcoming this way, what is the appearance that precisely k = 6 counterfeits appearance heads?

Hint: primitive compute p2,the appearance that a solitary counterfeit appearances heads (succeeding forthcoming the 2-step way), and then fashion use of the binomial PMF.


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1.      Exercise 5.3a

Let a consistent chance mutable X be abandoned that takes values in [0, 1], and whose arrangement duty F satisfies

F(x) = 2x2 − x4    for 0 ≤ x ≤ 1

a. Compute P (1/4 ≤ X ≤ 3/4 )






1.      Exercise 5.14

Determine the 10th percentile of a banner natural arrangement