One-way analysis of variance with spss

One-Way Segregation of Variance after a while SPSS

As you is-sue through this SPSS collision, infer the collision of the one-way ANOVA ordeal to your elimination subject-matter. Is it an divert ordeal for your elimination?


To order for this Application:


o    Review Lessons 25 and 27 in the manner text Using SPSS for Windows and Macintosh: Analyzing and Understanding Data.

o    Review the video program for this week, located in the Learning Resources.

o    Read the ANOVA/MANOVA minority of the StatSoft Electronic Textbook at

o    Access the gss04student_corrected dataset in the Manner Information area of the classroom to use for this Application


The assignment:

·         Craft up to a one page double-spaced transcribe up of the statistical results (apprehend any concomitant pages insufficiencyed for any APA tables or graphs and the SPSS syntax and output) in which you do the subjoined:

·         State the statistical assumptions of this ordeal.

·         Select an defiant mutable after a while three or over levels and a trusting mutable.

·         Develop the vain conjecture and the resource conjecture for deep property.

·         Using SPSS, apportion an ANOVA. Apprehend a support hoc ordeal.

·         Report on the p value and the self-reliance intermission.

·         Interpret the self-reliance intermission.

·         Decide whether to exclude or keep the vain conjecture naturalized on deep property and/or support-hoc statistical ordeals.

·         Generate syntax and output files in SPSS. You achieve insufficiency to portraiture and paste these into your Collision muniment.

·         Based on your SPSS segregation, description the results using rectify APA format. Apprehend results for support hoc ordeals where divert. Your description should apprehend the subjoined.


§  SPSS syntax and output files

ANOVA table