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Students imbibe mathematics to gard through a arrangement for solving wholes, which parallels very air-tight -- what may be encountered in their trade.

One stance that I produce is a MacDonald's worker. The worker putting concurrently a Value Meal is serviceable (or programmed) to imbibe to put concurrently a particular Value Meal #1 when prompted by the Order Taker (from the Customer). There is a STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS for completing this operation and the ORDER in which each STEP is refined is considerable.

Another stance is that of a Surgeon doing a articulation retrieval. There is a STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS for completing this operation and the ORDER in which each STEP is refined is considerable.

It is the Art and Science of Mathematics that teaches students how to rereunfold (non-mathematical) wholes through anatomy and through devising a STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS. Mathematics happens to use collection, formulas, equations, etc. Surgeons use anesthesa, medical equipment, medications, instrumentation, etc.

Both end up solving wholes utilizing the emend instrument and steps for a progress.

It is this -- Mr. G’s judgment that the truth of mathematics (which is naturalized on decades of established in interest as twain a supervisor and an ‘in the trenches employee’) conciliate be the power to invariably and individually avenue and rereunfold a whole of a non-mathematical truth. It is a step-by-step avenue to whole solving that mathematics courses fan.

Like a carpenter who knows which utensil or continuity of utensils to use to total a operation or to rereunfold a whole, a mathematician or an engineer or a surgeon or a misinterpret or a medical technician or an auto artificer or a chairman of a symphony or a McDonald’s worker knows which co-operation of steps and instrument [formulas, utensils, instruments, space, etc] to localize to terminate a course of operations resulting in the elucidation to a superior whole; or affect in the fact of the carpenter, build a branch --- one step at a term, using the suitable continuity of steps, arrangementes and progresss.

I supplicate that you illustrate on the over and produce me a STEP-BY-STEP progress or arrangement for completing a operation. Past students own responded by powerful me the minute steps for:


Changing a Diaper

Doing an Oil Change

Fixing a Flat Tire

Teeth Whitening Process

Taking Blood

Making a Cake, Pizza

Approval Arrangement for Mortgage Acceptance

Is there a arrangement in your workplace that you would affect to divide delay the rank? 


1. Name of Process:

2. Purpose of Arrangement and who benefits:


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