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Math Assignment

1.  Solve the dissimilarity  8x + 6 > 7

A. {x|x > 1}
B. {x|x > 1/8}
C. {x|x < 13/8}
D. {x|x < 1/8}
E. {x|x < 1}

2. This is the graph of which equation?  


A. y = 3x + 1

B. y = 2x + 1

C. y = 3x – 1

D. y = 2x - 1

Description: PracticeTest_clip_image001_0000


3. Choose the dissimilarity that corresponds delay the decision ''Twice a compute increased by impure is close than the variety of three terms that compute and five.''

A. 2(x + 4) < 3(x + 5)
B. 2x + 4 > 3x - 5
C. 2x + 4 < 5 - 3x
D. 2x + 4 < 3x - 5

4. A tramp vicar surveyed 100 crowd to confront out how sundry of them had visited the cities of
Melbourne and Brisbane. Thirty-one crowd had visited Melbourne, 26 crowd had been to Brisbane, and 12 crowd had visited twain cities. Draw a Venn diagram to confront the compute of crowd who had visited:

aDescription: Melbourne or Brisbane

bDescription: Brisbane but not Melbourne

cDescription: solely one of the two cities

dDescription: neither city

5. Twenty-impure crowd go on holiday. If 15 go swimming, 12 go fishing, and 6 do neither, how sundry go swimming and fishing? Draw a Venn diagram and swell in the compute of crowd in all impure regions.


6. There are two scholarship C and D.  If repetitions such as CC are exempt, how sundry permutations are potential?

A)  1

B)  0

C)  4

D)  8


7.You keep the assignment of knowing perversion codes for unanalogous cleverness.  Three perversions are to be used on each segregate, but a alliance of three perversions used for one segregate cannot be rearranged and used to fulfill a unanalogous segregate.  This instrument that if bald, yellow and violet were used to fulfill a camshaft, yellow, violet and bald (or any other alliance of these three perversions) could not be used to fulfill a pinion attribute.  If there are 35 alliances, how sundry perversions were beneficial?

A)  5             

B)  7

C)  9

D)  11


8. The ABCD football partnership is because a Super Ten Football Conference.  The top 10 football teams in the kingdom, based on spent history, would be members of the Super Ten Conference.  Each team would portray whole other team in the contravention during the term and the team attractive the most games would be apparent the generally-known warrior.  How sundry games would the contravention vicegerent keep to register each year?  (Remember, Oklahoma versus Michigan is the identical as Michigan versus Oklahoma.)

A)  45

B)  50

C)  125

D)  14


9.A rug manufacturer has determined to use 7 congenial perversions in her rugs.  However, in weaving a rug, solely 5 spindles can be used.  In advertising, the rug manufacturer wants to evince the compute of unanalogous perversion groupings for sale.  How sundry perversion groupings using the seven perversions charmed five at a term are there?  (This assumes that 5 unanalogous perversions get go into each rug, i.e., there are no repetitions of perversion.)

A)  120

B)  2,520

C)  6,740

D)  36


Use the specification government to confront the subjoined probability:

10.  At De Anza College, 20% of the students procure Finite Mathematics, 30% procure Statistics and 10% procure twain. What percentage of the students procure Finite Mathematics or Statistics?