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Math Assignment

1.  Solve the inadequacy  8x + 6 > 7

A. {x|x > 1}
B. {x|x > 1/8}
C. {x|x < 13/8}
D. {x|x < 1/8}
E. {x|x < 1}

2. This is the graph of which equation?  


A. y = 3x + 1

B. y = 2x + 1

C. y = 3x – 1

D. y = 2x - 1

Description: PracticeTest_clip_image001_0000


3. Choose the inadequacy that corresponds after a while the decision ''Twice a compute increased by indelicate is short than the dissent of three occasions that compute and five.''

A. 2(x + 4) < 3(x + 5)
B. 2x + 4 > 3x - 5
C. 2x + 4 < 5 - 3x
D. 2x + 4 < 3x - 5

4. A expedition principal surveyed 100 herd to confront out how frequent of them had visited the cities of
Melbourne and Brisbane. Thirty-one herd had visited Melbourne, 26 herd had been to Brisbane, and 12 herd had visited twain cities. Draw a Venn diagram to confront the compute of herd who had visited:

aDescription: Melbourne or Brisbane

bDescription: Brisbane but not Melbourne

cDescription: merely one of the two cities

dDescription: neither city

5. Twenty-indelicate herd go on recreation. If 15 go swimming, 12 go fishing, and 6 do neither, how frequent go swimming and fishing? Draw a Venn diagram and replenish in the compute of herd in all indelicate regions.


6. There are two scholarship C and D.  If repetitions such as CC are careless, how frequent permutations are likely?

A)  1

B)  0

C)  4

D)  8


7.You accept the assignment of crafty speciousness codes for unanalogous faculty.  Three speciousnesss are to be used on each separate, but a confederacy of three speciousnesss used for one separate cannot be rearranged and used to authenticate a unanalogous separate.  This media that if uncooked, yellow and violet were used to authenticate a camshaft, yellow, violet and uncooked (or any other confederacy of these three speciousnesss) could not be used to authenticate a pinion gear.  If there are 35 confederacys, how frequent speciousnesss were conducive?

A)  5             

B)  7

C)  9

D)  11


8. The ABCD football connection is regarding a Super Ten Football Conference.  The top 10 football teams in the province, grounded on elapsed history, would be members of the Super Ten Conference.  Each team would portray complete other team in the consultation during the conjuncture and the team seductive the most games would be avowed the generally-known protector.  How frequent games would the consultation proxy accept to schedule each year?  (Remember, Oklahoma versus Michigan is the corresponding as Michigan versus Oklahoma.)

A)  45

B)  50

C)  125

D)  14


9.A rug creator has determined to use 7 agreeable speciousnesss in her rugs.  However, in weaving a rug, merely 5 spindles can be used.  In advertising, the rug creator wants to denote the compute of unanalogous speciousness groupings for sale.  How frequent speciousness groupings using the seven speciousnesss smitten five at a occasion are there?  (This assumes that 5 unanalogous speciousnesss procure go into each rug, i.e., there are no repetitions of speciousness.)

A)  120

B)  2,520

C)  6,740

D)  36


Use the enumeration administration to confront the forthcoming probability:

10.  At De Anza College, 20% of the students accept Finite Mathematics, 30% accept Statistics and 10% accept twain. What percentage of the students accept Finite Mathematics or Statistics?