Math 221 intro to algebra week 5 dq 1


Read the aftercited instructions in command to finished this discourse, and resurvey the example of how to finished the math required for this assignment:


  • On pages 345, 346, and 353 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, there are multifarious factoring heights. You gain discover your assignment in the aftercited board.


If your assigned estimate is

On Page 345-6

On Page 345-6

On Page 353


3 (My assigned Number)








- Page 345 (#6.)



 b2 + 7b + 12 (Factoring ax2 + bx + c after a while a = 1)




- Page 356 (#86)



y3 + y2−4y−4 (Factoring Completely)




- Page 353 (#18)



3t2 + 8t+ 5 (Factor using The ac Method)



  • For the heights on pages 345 and 346, factor the polynomials using whatever policy seems misspend. State what regularitys you gain use and then inform the regularitys on your heights, explaining the order as you go. Discuss any feature challenges those feature polynomials posed for the factoring.


  • For the height on page 353 fabricate secure you use the “ac regularity” indifferent of what the dimensions’s directions say. Show the steps of this regularity in your composition in a resembling mode as how the dimensions shows it in examples.


  • Incorporate the aftercited five math lexicon signification into your discourse. Use bold font to emphasize the signification in your fitness (Do not transcribe definitions for the signification; use them misspendly in sentences describing your math composition.):
    • Factor  
    • GCF  
    • Prime factors  
    • Perfect square 
    • Grouping


Your primal shaft should be 200-250 signification in elongation.