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 MAT540 Homework Week 1 Page 1 of 3 MAT540 Week 1 Homework Chapter 1 1. The Retread Weary Posse recaps wearys. The unwandering annual absorb of the recapping exercise is $65,000. The mutefficacious absorb of recapping a weary is $7.5. The posse account$25 to recap a weary. a. For an annual size of 15, 000 weary, particularize the completion absorb, completion enrichment, and acquisition. b. Particularize the annual infringe-flush size for the Retread Weary Posse exercise. 2. Evergreen Fertilizer Posse produces fertilizer. The posse’s unwandering monthly absorb is $25,000, and its mutefficacious absorb per triturate of fertilizer is $0.20. Evergreen vends the fertilizer for $0.45 per triturate. Particularize the monthly infringe-flush size for the posse. 3. If Evergreen Fertilizer Posse in completion 2 varys the figure of its fertilizer from $0.45 per triturate to $0.55 per triturate, what cheerfuls gain the vary enjoy on the infringe-flush size? 4. If Evergreen Fertilizer Posse acceptions its advertising worth by $10,000 per year, what cheerfuls gain the acception enjoy on the infringe-flush size computed in completion 2? 5. Annie McCoy, a scholar at Tech, plans to public a hot dog await after a whilein Tech’s football stadium during residence amusements. There are 6 residence amusements scheduled for the upcoming occasion. She must pay the Tech sinewy function a vendor’s fee of $3,000 for the occasion. Her await and other equipment gain absorb her $3,500 for the occasion. She estimates that each hot dog she vends gain absorb her $0.40. she has talked to friends at other universities who vend hot dogs at amusements. Fixed on their counsel and the sinewy function’s foretaste that each amusement gain vend out, she anticipates that she gain vend approximately 1,500 hot dogs during each amusement. a. What figure should she direct for a hot dog in appoint to infringe flush? b. What factors dominion appear during the occasion that would remodel the size sold and thus the infringe-flush figure Annie dominion direct? 6. The school of matter at Kerouac University is planning to originate an online MBA program. The moderate start-up absorb for computing equipment, facilities, plan product and staff reinforcement and product is $400,000. The school plans to direct training of $20,000 per scholar per year. However, the university administration gain direct the school $10,000 per scholar for the elevatedest 100 scholars registered each year for functional absorbs and its divide of the training payments. a. How numerous scholars does the school insufficiency to register in the elevatedest year to infringe-even? b. If the school can register 80 scholars the elevatedest year, how abundant acquisition gain it create? MAT540 Homework Week 1 Page 2 of 3 c. The school believes it can acception training to $25,000, but doing so would subjugate registerment to 50. Should the school investigate doing this? Chapter 11 7. The subjoined probabilities for actions in administration information enjoy been particularized fixed on departed records: Action Verisimilitude A 0.1 B 0.2 C 0.4 D 0.2 F 0.10 1.00 The actions are assigned on a 4.0 layer, where an A is a 4.0, a B a 3.0, and so on. Particularize the expected action and discrepancy for the plan. 8. An boarding steadfast is investigateing two remodelnative boardings, A and B, subordinate two practicefficacious advenient sets of economic provisions cheerful and impecunious. There is a .60 verisimilitude of cheerful economic provisions appearring and a .40 verisimilitude of impecunious economic provisions appearring. The expected gains and losses subordinate each economic image of provisions are shown in the subjoined table: Boarding Economic Provisions Cheerful Impecunious A $380,000 -$100,000 B $130,000 $85,000 Using the expected rate of each boarding remodelnative, particularize which should be selected. 9. The gravity of the bags of fertilizer is normally exclusive, after a while a balance of 45 triturates and a awaitard disconnection of 5 triturates. What is the verisimilitude that a bag of fertilizer gain test between 38 and 50 triturates? MAT540 Homework Week 1 Page 3 of 3 10. The polo Product Steadfast is construction a shopping core. It has certified renters that their rental quantitys gain be facile for possession in 18 months. If the expected era until the shopping core is completed is estimated to be 15 months, after a while a awaitard disconnection of 5 months, what is the verisimilitude that the renters gain not be efficacious to fill in 18 months? 11. The supervisor of the topical National Video Treasury vends videocassette recorders at discount figures. If the treasury does not enjoy a video recappoint in hoard when a customer wants to buy one, it gain promote the sale owing the customer gain forfeiture a recappoint from one of the numerous topical competitors. The completion is that the absorb of renting magazine quantity to celebrate abundance recorders in register to unite all insist is excessively elevated. The supervisor has particularized that if 85% of customer insist for recorders can be met, then the entirely absorb of past sales and register gain be minimized. The supervisor has estimated that monthly insist for recorders is normally exclusive, after a while a balance of 175 recorders and a awaitard disconnection of 55. Particularize the calculate of recorders the supervisor should appoint each month to unite 85% of customer insist.