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 MAT540 Homework Week 1 Page 1 of 3 MAT540 Week 1 Homework Chapter 1 1. The Retread Bore Assemblage recaps bores. The unroving annual require of the recapping production is $65,000. The mutoperative require of recapping a bore is $7.5. The assemblage beak$25 to recap a bore. a. For an annual bulk of 15, 000 bore, state the entirety require, entirety enrichment, and gain. b. State the annual sever-well-balanced bulk for the Retread Bore Assemblage production. 2. Evergreen Fertilizer Assemblage produces fertilizer. The assemblage’s unroving monthly require is $25,000, and its mutoperative require per triturate of fertilizer is $0.20. Evergreen vends the fertilizer for $0.45 per triturate. State the monthly sever-well-balanced bulk for the assemblage. 3. If Evergreen Fertilizer Assemblage in tenor 2 varys the expense of its fertilizer from $0.45 per triturate to $0.55 per triturate, what property succeed the vary bear on the sever-well-balanced bulk? 4. If Evergreen Fertilizer Assemblage acceptions its advertising consume by $10,000 per year, what property succeed the acception bear on the sever-well-balanced bulk computed in tenor 2? 5. Annie McCoy, a tyro at Tech, plans to known a hot dog be internally Tech’s football stadium during abode frolics. There are 6 abode frolics scheduled for the upcoming suitableness. She must pay the Tech robust portion a vendor’s fee of $3,000 for the suitableness. Her be and other equipment succeed require her $3,500 for the suitableness. She estimates that each hot dog she vends succeed require her $0.40. she has talked to friends at other universities who vend hot dogs at frolics. Established on their instruction and the robust portion’s obviate that each frolic succeed vend out, she anticipates that she succeed vend almost 1,500 hot dogs during each frolic. a. What expense should she advise for a hot dog in appoint to sever well-balanced? b. What factors rule supervene during the suitableness that would remodel the bulk sold and thus the sever-well-balanced expense Annie rule advise? 6. The garden of interest at Kerouac University is planning to inaugurate an online MBA program. The moderate start-up require for computing equipment, facilities, manner outgrowth and staff reinforcement and outgrowth is $400,000. The garden plans to advise training of $20,000 per tyro per year. However, the university government succeed advise the garden $10,000 per tyro for the leading 100 tyros entered each year for professional requires and its distribute of the training payments. a. How numerous tyros does the garden want to enter in the leading year to sever-even? b. If the garden can enter 80 tyros the leading year, how fur gain succeed it compel? MAT540 Homework Week 1 Page 2 of 3 c. The garden believes it can acception training to $25,000, but doing so would impoverish enterment to 50. Should the garden cogitate doing this? Chapter 11 7. The aftercited probabilities for walks in treatment information bear been stated established on departed records: Walk Appearance A 0.1 B 0.2 C 0.4 D 0.2 F 0.10 1.00 The walks are assigned on a 4.0 lamina, where an A is a 4.0, a B a 3.0, and so on. State the expected walk and discord for the manner. 8. An boarding decided is cogitateing two remodelnative boardings, A and B, inferior two potential advenient sets of economic stipulations good-natured-tempered-tempered and meagre. There is a .60 appearance of good-natured-tempered-tempered economic stipulations supervenering and a .40 appearance of meagre economic stipulations supervenering. The expected gains and losses inferior each economic expression of stipulations are shown in the aftercited table: Boarding Economic Stipulations Good-tempered Meagre A $380,000 -$100,000 B $130,000 $85,000 Using the expected treasure of each boarding remodelnative, state which should be clarified. 9. The ponderosity of the bags of fertilizer is normally select, after a while a moderation of 45 triturates and a beard inconsequence of 5 triturates. What is the appearance that a bag of fertilizer succeed study betwixt 38 and 50 triturates? MAT540 Homework Week 1 Page 3 of 3 10. The polo Outgrowth Decided is architecture a shopping benevolence. It has conscious renters that their rental boundlessnesss succeed be free for enjoyment in 18 months. If the expected era until the shopping benevolence is completed is estimated to be 15 months, after a while a beard inconsequence of 5 months, what is the appearance that the renters succeed not be operative to employ in 18 months? 11. The supervisor of the topical National Video Treasury vends videocassette recorders at abatement expenses. If the treasury does not bear a video recappoint in accumulation when a customer wants to buy one, it succeed destroy the sale owing the customer succeed donation a recappoint from one of the numerous topical competitors. The tenor is that the require of renting repository boundlessness to haunt plenty recorders in schedule to encounter all require is excessively haughty. The supervisor has stated that if 85% of customer require for recorders can be met, then the in-one require of obsolete sales and schedule succeed be minimized. The supervisor has estimated that monthly require for recorders is normally select, after a while a moderation of 175 recorders and a beard inconsequence of 55. State the sum of recorders the supervisor should appoint each month to encounter 85% of customer require.