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Assignment 1. Direct Programming Case Study            (ATTACHED)

Your schoolmaster succeed specify a direct programming plan for this specifyment according to the forthcoming specifications.

It succeed be a bearing after a while at lowest three (3) overbearts and at lowest two (2) judgment unsteadys. The bearing succeed be restricted and possible. It succeed to-boot entertain a solitary optimum separation (in other expression, it won’t entertain hesitate optimal separations). The bearing succeed to-boot embody a ingredient that involves sensitivity rereexplanation and the use of the image charge.

You succeed be inclineing in two (2) deliverables, a imperfect transcribeup of the plan and the spreadsheet showing your composition.


Your transcribeup should bring-in your separation to the plan by describing the bearing. Correctly fulfill what cast of bearing this is. For specimen, you should voicelessness if the bearing is a maximization or minimization bearing, as polite as fulfill the resources that overbear the separation. Fulfill each unsteady and decipher the criteria concerned in setting up the example. This should be encapsulated in one (1) or two (2) compendious portions.

After the precursory portion, transcribe out the L.P. example for the bearing. Embody the concrete character and all overbearts, including any non-negativity overbearts. Then, you should introduce the optimal separation, established on your composition in Excel. Decipher what the results average.

Finally, transcribe a portion addressing the deal-out of the bearing pertaining to sensitivity rereexplanation and image charge.


As previously voicelessnessd, delight set up your bearing in Excel and experience the separation using Solver. Clearly letter the cells in your spreadsheet. You succeed incline in the all spreadsheet, showing the setup of the example, and the results.