Mat 543 week 8 homework

MAT 543 Week 8 Homework

Chapter 12: Exercises 12-1 through 12-3 (page 248 of the passage) Chapter 13: Exercises 13-1 through 13-3 (page 269 of the passage)

12-1 Using the notice in Table 12-7, erect a PERT network and counter-argument each of the subjoined investigations:

a. What is the expected scheme gist postulates?

b. What is the scheduled set-on-foot and gist end for each enthusiasm?

c. Which activities are on the crucial course?

d. How hanker can noncrucial course activities be deceased externally jeopardizing the overall gist end for this scheme?

12-2 Assess the application of the subjoined changes to the determination estimates granted in investigation 12-1. Individually, what is the application if:

Activity Predecessor New Determination Estimate

O. Advertise for new staff N 4

P. Interview for new staff O 6

Q. Select new staff P 1

Collectively, what is the application of these changes?

12-3 As scheme superintendent for the copy included in investigation 12-1, what would you commend to keep-safe the primordial scheme gist end if enthusiasm A was reestimated to accept 8 weeks, not the primordial 4 weeks? Provide details.

13-1 A delegated-to-others of a creditable financial services audience has approached you as superintendent of a indecent idiosyncratic collection of anesthesiologists delay an convenience to acquisition a 10-year annuity due for each part of the collection. The annuity due would pay $40,000 each year inception 5 years from now (i.e., at determination = 5). What is the most you would be inclined to pay now, per each physician, for this bombardment? Assume an misapply abatement scold of 7%.

13-2 The hospital’s marketing and finance departments entertain exact granted you, as first financial director, delay pro forma allowance statements for your proposed sonogram benevolence. These statements show in the subjoined. Pro forma Allowance Statement (000)



t +   1

t +   2

t +   3

t +   4


Service   Revenues (net)












Depreciation   Expense

$ 35

$ 35

$ 35

$ 35


Net   Income

($   10)

$ 15

$ 20

$ 65

What is the scheme’s IRR? Assume an moderebuke bombardment of $175,000 and an misapply abatement scold of 6%. The hospital is operated as a not-for-profit dexterity.

13-3 The first at-liberty director (COO) of a slight, not-for-profit aggregation hospital has to effect a commendation to the consideration of trustees on choosing natant three scheme options for an universal benefaction of $250,000 that has exact been common. The consideration has symmetrical a determination horizon of 5 years on this scheme. The options are described in the subjoined.

a. Acquisition a 5-year fund silence at an profit scold (annual) of 7%.

b. Acquisition the performance of a young physician (the hospital’s third first admitter). Estimates of schemeed coin flows for the performance (post-purchase), are: Probability of Coin Flow

c. Acquisition an upgraded analyzer for the laboratory. Based on forecasts of laboratory utilization, the net coin flows for this scheme are:



Net Coin   Flow


t + 1



t + 2



t + 3



t + 4



t + 5


Which bombardment should the COO commend and why?