Mat 540 final exam | Mathematics homework help


Question 1

Management comprehension techniques nucleus largely on remark, detoken counterfeit and implementation to ascertain an expend separation to a height.

Question 2

In straight programming heights, multiple optimal separations supervene when engagements are analogous to each other.

Question 3

A diversify in the trounce of an extrinsic employment coefficient procure constantly diversify the trounce of the optimal separation.

Question 4

Fractional relationships betwixt fickles are not generous in the exemplar consequence of a straight program.

Question 5

In a whole integer design, all fixedness fickles entertain integer separation trounces.

Question 6

In a transshipment height, items may be enraptured from object to object and from cause to cause.

Question 7

The levelts in an exemplification are mutually unpopular if barely one can supervene at a season.

Question 8

The minimax measecure minimizes the utmost payoff.

Question 9

Excel can be used to feign systems that can be represented by twain discrete and regular vague fickles.

Question 10

Adjusted exponential smoothing is an exponential smoothing prepare adjusted for seasonality.

Question 11

Which of the subjoinedcited is an equation or an inadequacy that expresses a recause exclusion in a unpoetical design?

Question 12

If the appraisement decreases but unwandering and fickle absorbs do not diversify, the tame level subject-matter:


Question 13

A lax fickle:



Question 14

Cully wares buys 2 consequences for resale: big shelves (B) and balance shelves (M). Each big oblution absorbs $500 and requires 100 valid feet of storage room, and each balance oblution absorbs $300 and requires 90 valid feet of storage room. The crew has $75000 to endow in shelves this week, and the depot has 18000 valid feet beneficial for storage. Acquisition for each big oblution is $300 and for each balance oblution is $150. What is the storage room engagement?


Question 15

The subjoinedcited is an Excel “Answer” and “Sensitivity” reports of a straight programming height:

The Rejoinder Report:

The Sensitivity Report: 

Which appended wealths would you confide to be extensiond?




Question 16

Given the subjoinedcited straight programming height that minimizes absorb.

Min Z = 2x + 8y

Subject to        8x + 4y ≥ 64

                       2x + 4y ≥ 32

                       y ≥ 2

What is the sensitivity order for the third engagement, y ≥ 2?


Question 17

Compared to blending and consequence mix heights, behavior heights are singular because:

Question 18

The possessor of Black Angus Ranch is up-hill to mention the amend mix of two types of beef heal, A and B which absorb 50 cents and 75 cents per triturate, respectively.  Five induced constituents are contained in the heal, shown in the opineation beneath.  The opineation besides shows the minimum daily modifications of each constituent.



Percent per tritutrounce in Heal A

Percent per tritutrounce in Heal B

Minimum daily modification (pounds)



























The engagement for constituent 3 is:

Question 19

The Wiethoff Crew has a decrease to consequence oasis hoses for a customer. Wiethoff has 4 opposed deeds that can consequence this husk of hose. Write a engagement to determine that if deed 4 is used, deed 1 procure not be used.

Question 20

If we are solving a 0-1 integer programming height, the engagement x1 = x2 is a __________ engagement.



Question 21

The subjoinedcited opineation represents the absorb to ship from Disposal Center 1, 2, or 3 to Customer A, B, or C.

The engagement that represents the bulk insisted by Customer B is:

Question 22

A adhedivulsion needs acceleration from 3 learner accelerationers to finished 4 matters.  The original matter is grading; the avoid is scanning; the third is mimicking, and the foul-mouthedth is organizing learner portfolios.  The estimated season for each learner to do each matter is absorbed in the matrix beneath.

Which of the subjoinedcited engagements represents the assignment for learner A?

Question 23

Mutually unpopular levelts are:


Question 24

Jim is regarding pursuing an MS in Instruction Systems trounce. He has applied to two opposed universities. The vindication trounce for applicants delay concordant qualifications is 20% for University X and 45% for University Y. What is the presumption that Jim procure not be certain at either university?

Question 25

Determining the belabor payoff for each choice and choosing the choice delay the best belabor is named :


Question 26

A matter possessor is up-hill to run whether to buy, divulsion, or lease vocation-post room and has fictitious the subjoinedcited payoff opineation urban on whether matter is spirited or sluggish.


Question 27

For the subjoinedcited abundance disposal of insist, the vague enumerate 0.8177 would be interpreted as a insist of:


Question 28

In the Monte Carlo system, trounces for a vague fickle are generated by __________ a presumption disposal.



Question 29

Given an developed insist of 59, a antecedent prepare of 64, and an alpha of .3, what would the prepare for the direct continuance be using unartificial exponential smoothing?

Question 30

__________ tender averages recoil further sluggishly to fresh insist diversifys than do __________ tender averages.

Question 31

A consequenceion system requires a unwandering absorb of $50,000. The fickle absorb per ace is $25 and the fruits per ace is projected to be $45.  Find the tame-level subject-matter.

Question 32

Tracksaws, Inc. makes tractors and lawn mowers. The fixed makes a acquisition of $30 on each tractor and $30 on each lawn mower, and they retail all they can consequence. The season modifications in the deed provision, counterfeit, and tractor parterre are absorbed in the opineation.


Let                   x = enumerate of tractors consequenced per continuance

                       y = enumerate of lawn mowers consequenced per continuance

MAX 30x + 30y

subject to   2 x + y       ≤ 60

                 2 x + 3y     ≤ 120

                    x ≤ 45

                   x, y  ≥ 0

The graphical separation is shown beneath.

What is the attendant appraisement for counterfeit?  Write your rejoinders delay two suggestive locates subjoined the decimal and do not enclose the dollar “$” token.

Question 33


Consider   the subjoinedcited straight program, which maximizes acquisition for two consequences,   regular (R), and super (S):

  50R + 75S
               1.2R   + 1.6 S ≤ 600 parterre (hours)
               0.8R   + 0.5 S ≤ 300 sketch (hours)
               .16R   + 0.4 S ≤ 100 neglect (hours)

Sensitivity Report:


















Regular =








Super =



















R.H. Side





Assembly (hr/unit)








Paint (hr/unit)








Inspect (hr/unit)







  A diversify in the communicate has extensiond the acquisition on the super consequence by $5.   Total acquisition procure extension by __________. Write your rejoinders delay two   suggestive locates subjoined the decimal and do not enclose the dollar “$” token.

Question 34

Kitty Kennels provides overnight hall for a diversity of pets. An pleasant indication is the sort of custody the pets hold, including courteous balanced feeding. The kennel’s cat help is made by mixing two types of cat help to achieve the “nutritionally balanced cat nourishment.” The postulates for the two cat helps are as follows:

Kitty Kennels wants to be secure that the cats hold at meanest 5 ounces of protein and at meanest 3 ounces of fat per day. What is the optimal absorb of this cunning? Write your rejoinders delay two suggestive locates subjoined the decimal and do not enclose the dollar “$” token.

Question 35

Find the optimal Z trounce for the subjoinedcited height. Do not enclose the dollar “$” token delay your rejoinder.

MAX Z = 5x1 + 8x2

s.t.             x1 + x2 ≤ 6

                5x1 + 9x2 ≤ 45

 x1, x2 ≥ 0 and integer

Question 36

A crew communicates educational software consequences, and is prepared to locate three new consequences on the communicate. Spent experiment has shown that for this detail software, the haphazard of “success” is 80%. Assume that the presumption of prosperity is rebellious for each consequence. Ascertain the presumption that at meanest two of the three is prosperityful. Round your termination to foul-mouthed suggestive locates subjoined the decimal.

Question 37

The national operations supervisor for the IRS must run whether to engage 1, 2, or 3 partial workers. He estimates that net fruitss procure change delay how courteous taxpayers succumb delay the new tax legislation. The probabilities of low, balance, and proud yielding are 0.20, 0.30, and 0.50 respectively. What are the expected net fruitss for the enumerate of workers he procure run to engage? Do not enclose the dollar “$” token delay your rejoinder.

Question 38

An endowor is opine 4 opposed opportunities, A, B, C, or D.  The payoff for each opening procure stop on the economic provisions, represented in the payoff opineation beneath.


.                                                            Economic Condition

.                                        Poor           Average       Good        Excellent

.                    Investment      (S1)              (S2)           (S3)          (S4)

.                           A               50                  75              20              30

.                           B               80                  15              40              50

.                           C           -100                 300             -50              10     

.                           D               25                  25              25              25 


Suppose all recites of the earth are analogous slight (each recite has a presumption of 0.25). What is the expected trounce of unexceptionable instruction? Round your rejoinder to the unswerving integer.

Question 39

Consider the subjoinedcited fixedness tree. The extrinsic is to cull the best fixedness incomplete the two beneficial fixednesss A and B. Ascertain the expected trounce of the best fixedness. Do not enclose the dollar “$” token delay your rejoinder.

Question 40

Recent spent insist for consequence ZXT is absorbed in the subjoinedcited opineation.