Mat 540 final exam | Mathematics homework help


Question 1

Management understanding techniques centre primarily on notice, copy falsity and implementation to experiment an divert rerebreach to a amount.

Question 2

In rectirectidirect programming amounts, multiple optimal resolutions appear when bustles are correlative to each other.

Question 3

A diversify in the reprove of an concrete employment coefficient conquer regularly diversify the reprove of the optimal resolution.

Question 4

Fractional relationships between diversifyables are not permitted in the flag mould of a rectirectidirect program.

Question 5

In a completion integer copy, all stableness diversifyables possess integer rerebreach reproves.

Question 6

In a transshipment amount, items may be transported from object to object and from cause to cause.

Question 7

The uniformts in an exemplification are mutually unpopular if merely one can appear at a term.

Question 8

The minimax standard minimizes the acme payoff.

Question 9

Excel can be used to counterfeit systems that can be represented by twain discrete and consistent vague diversifyables.

Question 10

Adjusted exponential smoothing is an exponential smoothing meet adjusted for seasonality.

Question 11

Which of the behindcitedcited is an equation or an disproportion that expresses a recause limitation in a mathematical copy?

Question 12

If the expense decreases but unroving and diversifyable absorbs do not diversify, the curb uniform top:


Question 13

A unresponsive diversifyable:



Question 14

Cully furniture buys 2 issues for resale: big shelves (B) and balance shelves (M). Each big rejection absorbs $500 and requires 100 hard feet of storage amount, and each balance rejection absorbs $300 and requires 90 hard feet of storage amount. The posse has $75000 to endue in shelves this week, and the warehouse has 18000 hard feet serviceable for storage. Emolument for each big rejection is $300 and for each balance rejection is $150. What is the storage amount bustle?


Question 15

The behindcitedcited is an Excel “Answer” and “Sensitivity” reports of a rectirectidirect programming amount:

The Vindication Report:

The Sensitivity Report: 

Which concomitant suppliess would you confide to be growthd?




Question 16

Given the behindcitedcited rectirectidirect programming amount that minimizes absorb.

Min Z = 2x + 8y

Subject to        8x + 4y ≥ 64

                       2x + 4y ≥ 32

                       y ≥ 2

What is the sensitivity collocate for the third bustle, y ≥ 2?


Question 17

Compared to blending and issue mix amounts, manner amounts are singular because:

Question 18

The proprietor of Black Angus Ranch is hard to indicate the amend mix of two types of beef heal, A and B which absorb 50 cents and 75 cents per bruise, respectively.  Five inhedisintegration constituents are contained in the heal, shown in the board underneath.  The board to-boot shows the restriction daily requirements of each constituent.



Percent per bruise in Heal A

Percent per bruise in Heal B

Minimum daily requirement (pounds)



























The bustle for constituent 3 is:

Question 19

The Wiethoff Posse has a abbreviate to emanation garden hoses for a customer. Wiethoff has 4 opposed utensils that can emanation this peel of hose. Write a bustle to secure that if utensil 4 is used, utensil 1 conquer not be used.

Question 20

If we are solving a 0-1 integer programming amount, the bustle x1 = x2 is a __________ bustle.



Question 21

The behindcitedcited board represents the absorb to ship from Dispensation Center 1, 2, or 3 to Customer A, B, or C.

The bustle that represents the amount insisted by Customer B is:

Question 22

A confessor needs aid from 3 learner aiders to full 4 works.  The original work is grading; the relieve is scanning; the third is servile, and the lewdth is organizing learner portfolios.  The estimated term for each learner to do each work is dedicated in the matrix underneath.

Which of the behindcitedcited bustles represents the assignment for learner A?

Question 23

Mutually unpopular uniformts are:


Question 24

Jim is because pursuing an MS in Notification Systems stage. He has applied to two opposed universities. The retort reprove for applicants delay harmonious qualifications is 20% for University X and 45% for University Y. What is the presumption that Jim conquer not be reliable at either university?

Question 25

Determining the overcome payoff for each resource and choosing the resource delay the best overcome is denominated :


Question 26

A concern proprietor is hard to determine whether to buy, disintegration, or lease station amount and has manufactured the behindcitedcited payoff board installed on whether concern is spirited or unready.


Question 27

For the behindcitedcited quantity dispensation of insist, the vague calculate 0.8177 would be interpreted as a insist of:


Question 28

In the Monte Carlo mode, reproves for a vague diversifyable are generated by __________ a presumption dispensation.



Question 29

Given an explicit insist of 59, a prior meet of 64, and an alpha of .3, what would the meet for the direct bound be using unaffected exponential smoothing?

Question 30

__________ tender averages counteract over unreadyly to new-fangled insist diversifys than do __________ tender averages.

Question 31

A issueion mode requires a unroving absorb of $50,000. The diversifyable absorb per item is $25 and the income per item is incomplete to be $45.  Find the curb-uniform top.

Question 32

Tracksaws, Inc. makes tractors and lawn mowers. The sconsideration makes a emolument of $30 on each tractor and $30 on each lawn mower, and they vend all they can emanation. The term requirements in the utensil shop, falsity, and tractor parterre are dedicated in the board.


Let                   x = calculate of tractors emanationd per bound

                       y = calculate of lawn mowers emanationd per bound

MAX 30x + 30y

subject to   2 x + y       ≤ 60

                 2 x + 3y     ≤ 120

                    x ≤ 45

                   x, y  ≥ 0

The graphical rerebreach is shown underneath.

What is the unsubstantiality expense for falsity?  Write your vindications delay two weighty assigns behindcited the decimal and do not embody the dollar “$” token.

Question 33


Consider   the behindcitedcited rectirectidirect program, which maximizes emolument for two issues,   regular (R), and super (S):

  50R + 75S
               1.2R   + 1.6 S ≤ 600 parterre (hours)
               0.8R   + 0.5 S ≤ 300 tint (hours)
               .16R   + 0.4 S ≤ 100 omission (hours)

Sensitivity Report:


















Regular =








Super =



















R.H. Side





Assembly (hr/unit)








Paint (hr/unit)








Inspect (hr/unit)







  A diversify in the chaffer has growthd the emolument on the super issue by $5.   Total emolument conquer growth by __________. Write your vindications delay two   weighty assigns behindcited the decimal and do not embody the dollar “$” token.

Question 34

Kitty Kennels provides overnight room for a diversity of pets. An captivating characteristic is the temper of custody the pets entertain, including courteous-mannered-mannered balanced alimentation. The kennel’s cat buttress is made by mixing two types of cat buttress to conciliate the “nutritionally balanced cat food.” The grounds for the two cat buttresss are as follows:

Kitty Kennels wants to be firm that the cats entertain at meanest 5 ounces of protein and at meanest 3 ounces of fat per day. What is the optimal absorb of this intent? Write your vindications delay two weighty assigns behindcited the decimal and do not embody the dollar “$” token.

Question 35

Find the optimal Z reprove for the behindcitedcited amount. Do not embody the dollar “$” token delay your vindication.

MAX Z = 5x1 + 8x2

s.t.             x1 + x2 ≤ 6

                5x1 + 9x2 ≤ 45

 x1, x2 ≥ 0 and integer

Question 36

A posse chaffers educational software issues, and is responsive to aspresage three new issues on the chaffer. Gone-by experiment has shown that for this feature software, the random of “success” is 80%. Assume that the presumption of prosperity is dogged for each issue. Experiment the presumption that at meanest two of the three is prosperityful. Round your issue to lewd weighty assigns behindcited the decimal.

Question 37

The topical operations superintendent for the IRS must determine whether to commission 1, 2, or 3 present workers. He estimates that net incomes conquer modify delay how courteous-mannered-mannered taxpayers relinquish delay the new tax command. The probabilities of low, balance, and excellent ductility are 0.20, 0.30, and 0.50 respectively. What are the expected net incomes for the calculate of workers he conquer determine to commission? Do not embody the dollar “$” token delay your vindication.

Question 38

An endueor is opine 4 opposed opportunities, A, B, C, or D.  The payoff for each opening conquer consist on the economic stipulations, represented in the payoff board underneath.


.                                                            Economic Condition

.                                        Poor           Average       Good        Excellent

.                    Investment      (S1)              (S2)           (S3)          (S4)

.                           A               50                  75              20              30

.                           B               80                  15              40              50

.                           C           -100                 300             -50              10     

.                           D               25                  25              25              25 


Suppose all specifys of the universe are akin mitigated (each specify has a presumption of 0.25). What is the expected reprove of unexceptionable notification? Round your vindication to the direct integer.

Question 39

Consider the behindcitedcited stableness tree. The concrete is to select the best stableness incomplete the two serviceable stablenesss A and B. Experiment the expected reprove of the best stableness. Do not embody the dollar “$” token delay your vindication.

Question 40

Recent gone-by insist for issue ZXT is dedicated in the behindcitedcited board.