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  1. Brian is subsidiary to set up 20 minute consultations for an conduct of Eskimo carved-art at the museum. Each consultation can enjoy one carved-art on each laterality. If he pushes all the consultations unitedly to gain one desire consultation, how divers carved-arts can he vault?


2. Melissa’s cat is at the ground of an 18-ft. polite. Each day it climbs up 3 ft. and each shade it slides end 2 ft.. How desire procure it transfer the cat to get out of the polite?


3. Pastor Orlie plans to column the page mass for three hymns at Chapel each day. To do it, he must buy ductile cards each after a while one enlightened digit on it, but plainly he wishes to minimize the sum of cards to be bought. The hymnal has hymns sumed from 1 to 632. What is the meanest sum of cards must he buy to gain stable that any option of the three hymns is likely?


4. In a teach acceptance, Jan accepted 160 over votes than Julie, and James accepted twice as divers as John. If a entirety of 440 votes were mould, how divers votes did each individual take?


5. The perimeter of a rectangle is 216. The tediousness is twice the width. Find the tediousness and width of the rectangle.


6. Brenda and nine classmates spent the day at the whim fence. At the end of the day, they resolute to two up for roller-coaster rides so that each associate would ride after a while each of the other associates accurately once. What is the entirety sum of roller-coaster rides made by Brenda and her associates?


7. Of the members of three of the women’s strong teams at CU, 21 are on the basketball team, 26 on the softball team, and 29 on the soccer team. Fourteen resemble softball and basketball. Fifteen resemble softball and soccer, and 12 resemble soccer and basketball. Eight are on all three teams. How divers womanish athletes are there completely?