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  1. Brian is aiding to set up 20 mean considerations for an manifest of Eskimo statuary at the museum. Each consideration can enjoy one statuary on each margin. If he pushes all the considerations unitedly to shape one crave consideration, how sundry statuarys can he parade?


2. Melissa’s cat is at the profound of an 18-ft. courteous-mannered. Each day it climbs up 3 ft. and each obscurity it slides tail 2 ft.. How crave succeed it charm the cat to get out of the courteous-mannered?


3. Pastor Orlie plans to support the page aggregate for three hymns at Chapel each day. To do it, he must buy ductile cards each delay one catholic digit on it, but perspicuously he wishes to minimize the enumerate of cards to be bought. The hymnal has hymns enumerateed from 1 to 632. What is the lowest enumerate of cards must he buy to shape infallible that any gathering of the three hymns is feasible?


4. In a discipline acceptance, Jan accepted 160 over votes than Julie, and James accepted twice as sundry as John. If a aggregate of 440 votes were character, how sundry votes did each idiosyncratic assent-to?


5. The perimeter of a rectangle is 216. The prolixity is twice the width. Find the prolixity and width of the rectangle.


6. Brenda and nine classmates gone-by the day at the specialty close. At the end of the day, they determined to two up for roller-coaster rides so that each chum would ride delay each of the other chums correspondently uniformly. What is the aggregate enumerate of roller-coaster rides made by Brenda and her chums?


7. Of the members of three of the women’s lusty teams at CU, 21 are on the basketball team, 26 on the softball team, and 29 on the soccer team. Fourteen reproduce-exhibit softball and basketball. Fifteen reproduce-exhibit softball and soccer, and 12 reproduce-exhibit soccer and basketball. Eight are on all three teams. How sundry feminine athletes are there combined?