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The Descriptive Statistics analysis

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Next, we want to collate the z trial statistic of -3.5874 to the discriminating treasure of -1.645. Because our trial statistic is smaller than the discriminating treasure and, hence falls into the postponement territory, we exclude the ineffectual conjecture in grace of the opinion conjecture.

C. Interpreting the Results of the Test

As the director of Speedy Oil Change, you were asked to brave the customer complaints that oil substitutes at Speedy Oil Substitute receive further than 30 minutes on medium. You formulated a conjecture, defined a discernment roll, fast the mismisappropriate trial statistic and postponement territory, and then manufactured the conjecture trial. The results of the trial mark that the ineffectual conjecture should be excludeed in grace of the opinion. The ineffectual conjecture is that the moderation oil substitute date is further than 30 minutes. Because this conjecture is excludeed, you can repute to upper-roll skill that after a while 95% belief [100(1 - discernment roll)] the moderation oil substitute date is short than 30 minutes.