Household income case study | Mathematics homework help

            Instructions: Use the notification bestowed in this packet for this assignment. To consummate this assignment, unravel and imply the substance and run the correct picturesquely and auricular statistical methods needed to unfold the substance.  Plan, investigate, criticise, and declare all statistical procedures bearing to the basis bestowed. Write and clear your statistical strategies and procedures.  Write down the statistical resolution and your decisions and conclusions.  Your communication can be bestowed in either a Word or an Excel format.  Since it is an exam, you are reckoned to do it on your own.




            The urgent of this plight is to criticise affable proceeds in two offshoots.  Each dispersion has 50 affables completion.   The division of affable age and usurpation are besides commemorative.   The county supervisor is animated in decision out affable proceeds notification encircling the two offshoots in completion and disunited.  Besides of curiosity-behalf is whether any weighty differences existed betwixt the two offshoots, and whether age or usurpation seek the proceeds flatten. 


            In conjunction, the county supervisor is besides animated in the opinions of the residents of the two offshoots touching the dregs of a new lofty discipline.  Households were consecrated a inadequate questionnaire scrutiny their views.  The subjoined questions made up this questionnaire.


  1. Build the new lofty discipline in the true boundary.
  2. Expand the simple discipline reason to grasp the new lofty discipline.
  3. Build a new simple discipline and a new lofty discipline twain neighboring the county plant neighboring the loftyway and repress the boundary as is.
  4. Build a new simple discipline and a new lofty discipline twain in the boundary.
  5. Don’t found the new lofty discipline.


            The affables responded to these questions using the subjoined rating lamina.

1.     (1) strongly tally

2.     (2) tally

3.     (3) tally somewhat

4.     (4) disagree

5.     (5) strongly disagree


            The county supervisor is animated in decision out how each subdispersion and affable by usurpation responded to the weigh. Were there any differences in questionnaire solution betwixt subdispersion and usurpation?  Finally, the county supervisor seeks to see what homogeneity exists betwixt affable proceeds and their solutions to the questionnaire.                                                                        


            As county analysts, your function is to weigh the basis bestowed in this load, criticise it, and bestow your decisions to the county supervisor.



Chart of Codes


Data Category

Data Interpretation


Household #


1= west side
2 = east side


1= Accountant, 2 = Engineer, 3= Banker, 4= Nurse, 5= Mechanics, 6 = instructor 7= chandler. 8= retailer, 9= baker 10= labor worker, 11= management


Age of division of affable


Total affable proceeds

Z Score

Household Proceeds standardized


Response to Question 1 of Class Questionnaire


Response to Question 2 of Class Questionnaire


Response to Question 3 of Class Questionnaire


Response to Question 4 of Class Questionnaire


Response to Question 5 of Class Questionnaire


Mean Score on Questionnaire