Household income case study | Mathematics homework help

            Instructions: Use the knowledge bestowed in this packet for this assignment. To whole this assignment, decipher and know the whole and run the correct vivid and auricular statistical methods needed to reresolve the whole.  Plan, rate, criticise, and decipher all statistical procedures apt to the facts bestowed. Write and excuse your statistical strategies and procedures.  Write down the statistical anatomy and your sentences and conclusions.  Your announce can be bestowed in either a Word or an Excel format.  Since it is an exam, you are reckoned to do it on your own.




            The urgent of this circumstance is to criticise intimate proceeds in two divisions.  Each disunion has 50 intimates whole.   The commander of intimate age and encroachment are so recorded.   The county director is animated in sentence out intimate proceeds knowledge encircling the two divisions in whole and detached.  So of share is whether any symbolical differences existed among the two divisions, and whether age or encroachment desire the proceeds equalize. 


            In analysis, the county director is so animated in the opinions of the residents of the two divisions respecting the location of a new excellent teach.  Households were given a less questionnaire examination their views.  The subjoined questions made up this questionnaire.


  1. Build the new excellent teach in the massive boundary.
  2. Expand the ultimate teach account to include the new excellent teach.
  3. Build a new ultimate teach and a new excellent teach twain nigh the county place nigh the excellentway and haunt the boundary as is.
  4. Build a new ultimate teach and a new excellent teach twain in the boundary.
  5. Don’t uplift the new excellent teach.


            The intimates responded to these questions using the subjoined rating flake.

1.     (1) strongly fit

2.     (2) fit

3.     (3) fit somewhat

4.     (4) disagree

5.     (5) strongly disagree


            The county director is animated in sentence out how each subdisunion and intimate by encroachment responded to the contemplate. Were there any differences in questionnaire tally among subdisunion and encroachment?  Finally, the county director seeks to see what harmony exists among intimate proceeds and their tallys to the questionnaire.                                                                        


            As county analysts, your once is to perpend the facts bestowed in this package, criticise it, and bestow your sentences to the county director.



Chart of Codes


Data Category

Data Interpretation


Household #


1= west side
2 = east side


1= Accountant, 2 = Engineer, 3= Banker, 4= Nurse, 5= Mechanics, 6 = pedagogue 7= hawker. 8= retailer, 9= baker 10= benefit worker, 11= management


Age of commander of intimate


Total intimate proceeds

Z Score

Household Proceeds standardized


Response to Question 1 of Class Questionnaire


Response to Question 2 of Class Questionnaire


Response to Question 3 of Class Questionnaire


Response to Question 4 of Class Questionnaire


Response to Question 5 of Class Questionnaire


Mean Score on Questionnaire