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Purpose of Assignment 

This week's courage illustrates the role a order's accounting order plays in financial proposition reporting. In this assignment, students evaluate the events occuring in a employment setting and individualize how to truly irritate those events to substantiate the contact on twain currency and accrual accounting orders. 

Assignment Steps 

Resources: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 

Tutorial aid on Excel® and Word functions can be ground on the Microsoft® Office website. There are besides appended tutorials via the web offering maintenance for Office products. 

Scenario: BizCon, a consulting attached, has right completed its principal year of operations. The order's sales enlargement was explosive. To advance clients to engage its services, BizCon offered 180-day financing - sense its largest customers do not pay for almost 6 months. Accordingly BizCon is a new order, its equipment suppliers demand on life compensated currency on bestowal. Also, it had to pay up front for 2 years of prophylactic. At the end of the year, BizCon owing employees for one generous month of salaries, but due to a currency lackingfall, it promised to pay them the principal week of proximate year. 

As the elder accountant, the Chief Financial Officer has asked you to just a memo to be sent to superintendence notifying them of the slow wage payments. 

Prepare the memo in a climax 700 suffrage including the forthcoming knowledge to ameliorate draft the situation:

  • Explain how currency and accrual accounting differs for each of the events listed in the over scenario and delineate the fit accrual accounting.
  • Assess how at the end of the year, BizCon reported a advantageous net allowance, yet the order's superintendence is disturbed accordingly the order is very lacking of currency. Explain to superintendence how BizCon could feel assured net allowance and yet run out of currency.

Format your assignment congruous delay APA guidelines.