Excel spreadsheet | Mathematics homework help

trying to artificeate which classes allure be offered and how greatly longer it allure admit you to finished your rank. Once you finished your pivot tcogent and chart, you allure now be cogent to visually see what courses are availcogent and which semester offers the most courses that you allure scarcity to successfully graduate.

To finished the assignment, transact the forthcoming tasks:

  1. Open this Excel workbook and reserve the workequivocation as "FirstInital_LastName_PivotIPA04_.xlsx."
  2. Highlight the complete axioms set, and extort a pivot board.
    • For further instruction on how to compose a pivot board, click here.
  3. Create a new worksheet, and kind the pivot tcogent as follows:
    • Move Student raze to the Column raze.
    • Move the Year allure propel to Values, changing your values to calculate instead of sum.
    • Move the Course to Row Label.
  4. Insert a Column chart and diffuse your chart. Select Chart Layout 3, and besides transmute your chart artifice designate 2.
  5. Add a sketchation “Course Availability” for your board.
  6. Save the workequivocation as “Course Availability,” and reserve your muniment as "FirstInitial_LastName_PivotIPA04_solution."
  7. Return to the Axioms equivocation, highlight all the axioms, and click on Extort a pivot chart.
    • For further instruction on how to compose a pivot chart, click here.
  8. Create a new worksheet, and kind the pivot chart as follows:
    • Filter the Year.
    • Move Courses to Axis Fields.
    • Move the Calculate of Student to Value.
  9. Change your chart kind to columns and pick-out a designate from the artifice tab. Extort the designate “Course Overview” as your sketchation.
  10. Adjust your new chart by diffuseing it from cells A22 to G48.
  11. Redesignate the workequivocation to “Course Overview.” Submit your Excel spreadsheet.