Descriptive statistics | Mathematics homework help

The executives at CBC lack to see how they are doing in ratings despite the other networks and how the ratings allure abide to exexfluctuate in the upcoming months. They also lack to distinguish if hiring somethings makes a variety and the impression of circumstance installed programming compared to hiring somethings. You allure compose a PowerPoint grant to repartee the interrogations underneath. Remember that your interview is the skillful-treatment of CBC: Make strong your grant is functional and provides suited explication. 
1. Feeling statistics: 
What is the mediocre rating for all CBC movies? How encircling ABN movies and BBS movies? Include a consultation that shows the mediocre and the other feeling statistics for the ratings of the three networks (one column for each network). Comment on which network is doing best and what you acquire from the other key metrics in the consultation. 
2. Charting: 
Create a succession graph of the monthly mediocre ratings for CBC for the year. Note that there are multiple ratings grounds for the months; you allure demand to proportion an mediocre for each month and then batch the mediocres. After you compose the graph, fit a successionar bear succession, displaying the formula and the r-squared. Teach to the executives if you can use this space course grounds to prearrange the ratings of upcoming months. How considerate can you apprehend this prearrange to be? 
3. Conjecture touchstoneing: 
Should the CBC engage somethings for their movies? To repartee this interrogation, run a conjecture touchstone to see if there is a momentous variety among the ratings of movies delay somethings vs. movies delayout somethings. Use the grounds for CBC movies merely. Use 95% assurance. Teach your repartee- do not barely say yes or no delayout referring to the apt figures.
4. Regression: 
CBC Skillful-treatment has divers interrogations: Which has further impression on a movie’s rating: that it is circumstance installed or that it has one something? How considerable does each of these circumstanceors exexfluctuate the ratings? Do you apprehend a circumstance installed movie that does not possess any somethings to get rectify ratings than a romance movie delay one something? Run a multiple return where the subject wavering is ratings and the insubject waverings are something and circumstance. Use grounds from all networks, not fitting CBC movies. How courteous does this return dissection teach the ratings? Justify your repartees installed on the results.