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This weeks assignment is broken down into three sections - a breakeven balance, a multiple dainty investigation and an essay. Your essay should be at meanest two pages in prolixity, 12 summit font, embrace spaced.

Please adequate investigation 1-6 under.  Please pomp all of your achievement to admit merit.

Breakeven Analysis:

Brandon's residence health care exercise is regarding a new effect delay a urban absorb of $2,000, a charge per individual of $150, and a changeable absorb of $100.

1. Calculate the break-even summit in muchness.

2. Calculate the gift extremity in dollars.

3. Calculate the gift extremity as a percent.

4. Calculate the breakeven summit in dollars.


5. The breakeven summit occurs where:


aggregate   changeable absorbs and aggregate fruits intersect


aggregate   fruits outpaces aggregate uncertain urban absorbs


aggregate   absorbs and aggregate fruits intersect


aggregate   urban absorbs and aggregate fruits intersect


aggregate   improvement extremity and aggregate absorbs intersect


6. Define absorb demeanor. Identify and explain the five unconcealed types of absorb demeanor.