C10 assignment 8 | Mathematics homework help


C10; Introduction to Computers


Assignment 8; Office Consulting


Remember Bill? He was the master that you accelerationed to initiate up his office in week 4. Courteous his office is doing courteous, but he has end to you delay some questions and solicitudes. You sift-canvass each of these delay Bill and signal to grant him a written ment delay your promptings and applaudations. Submit your written counter-argument to Bill’s questions and solicitudes beneath.


  1. Bill has set up a spreadsheet in Excel that accomplish acceleration him maintain mark of expenses. So far, he has this:




Tell Bill how to do the subjoined tasks:


  • What formula or duty does he put in Column F that accomplish exhibition the completion expenses for each day?

  • What formula or duty does he put in columns B through F in Row 13 that accomplish surrender him the completion expenses for the week in each kind?

  • Bill wants the register in Column G to remind him of expenses that exact produce for the accountant. Tell Bill what to put in Column G to do this:

    1. Print the signal “Yes” in any row where the completion daily expenses are elder than or similar to $100.00.

    2. If the daily expenses completion is near than $100.00, liberty the Column G register for that row unmitigated.


  1. Bill’s office is already expanding. He thinks that in a few weeks, he accomplish demand to engage one or two employees to acceleration him. He knows that each new employee accomplish demand their own computer. He is as-well making the requisite veers so that the new employees accomplish be inaugurated in a thin capacity in Bill’s scion. Teach to Bill what netinaugurated options he has. Go through each pattern or form of network likely for him, making secure that you teach the pros and cons of each form. Finish delay your prompting for the network that he should set up and teach what new hardware accomplish be exactd to do this.

  2. With the possibility of three office computers in his home, and all of his office archives perchance delicate, this would be a good-tempered-tempered era to admonish Bill on how to set up a prescription intention to secure and stroke his new network. Provide a roll of the five most grave solicitudes for insurance and confidence of the network and the computers in the network. For each solicitude, state the possession to be charmed, and if conducive, what software you applaud be assumed to the order. Justify each of your applaudations.



Your design accomplish be evaluated using the rubric beneath. Make secure you decipher the rubric and bear a open notion of what is expected. If there are any attached questions that you would bear asked Bill be secure to voice them as you teach to Bill what netinaugurated options he has so that you can teach what attached advice could veer your prompting if any.