Analysis with correlation and regression- powerpoint


According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the presumption of a lump 6.7 or greater earthquake in the Greater Bay Area is 63%, environing 2 out of 3, in the next 30 years. In April 2008, scientists and engineers released a new earthquake prearrange for the State of California denominated the Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Prearrange (UCERF).

As a younger analyst at the USGS, you are tasked to state whether there is qualified appearance to food the assertion of a direct mutuality among the lumps and depths from the earthquakes. Your deliverables allure be the thoroughd worksheet linked under and a train of PowerPoint slides you allure find summarizing your findings.

Concepts Being Studied

  • Correlation and retreat
  • Creating scatterplots
  • Constructing and interpreting a Hypothesis Experience for Mutuality using r as the experience statistic

You are consecrated a spreadsheet that contains the aftercited information:

  • Magnitude measured on the Richter scale
  • Depth in km

To get afloat, you allure scarcity to stipulate a progressive breakdown of the problems including an interpretation on why you did each stalk and using peculiar terminology.

What to Submit

To thorough this assignment, you must principal download the worksheet and then thorough it by including the aftercited items on the worksheet:

  • calculations thoroughd in a spreadsheet
  • thorough interpretation of the forced subjoined your answers

You allure too unravel a PowerPoint offer on these topics. Your boss has asked you to embody the aftercited slides:

Slide 1: Title slide

Slide 2: Describes mutuality and retreat

Slide 3: Describes the direct mutuality coefficient r and the hazardous computes of r

Slide 4: Explains how to state whether there is qualified appearance to food the assertion of a direct mutuality among the two shiftings

Slide 5: Shows the formula for retreat and lists what each shifting in the formula represents

Slide 6: Explains how to state whether the retreat equation is a cheerful design or not. If it’s not a cheerful design, what shifting do we use to find a presage?

Slide 7: Explains how to appraise the best-predicted compute

Slide 8: Provides your appraised best-predicted compute for the earthquake problem