A study is run to estimate the mean total cholesterol level in

1. A examine is run to respect the balance whole cholesterol smooth in progeny 2-6 years of age. A case of 9 participants is clarified and their whole cholesterol smooths are measured as follows.
185 225 240 196 175 180 194 147 223
Genereprimand a 95% faith cessation for the penny balance whole cholesterol smooths in adults delay a fact of hypertension.

2. The subjoined axioms were cool in a clinical tribulation evaluating a new coalescence intentional to correct rend salutary in trauma patients. The new coalescence was compared abutting a placebo. After comcomposture for 5 days delay the new coalescence or placebo the space of rend salutary was measured and the axioms are shown beneath.
Percent Rend Healing
 Treatment 0-25% 26-50% 51-75% 76-100%
 New Coalescence (n=125) 15 37 32 41
 Placebo (n=125) 36 45 34 10
Is there a unlikeness in the space of rend salutary by composition? (Hint: Are comcomposture and the percent rend salutary stubborn?) Run the embezzle touchstone at a 5% smooth of notion.

3. Use the axioms in Problem #1 and pool the axioms across the compositions into one case of bulk n=250. Use the pooled axioms to touchstone whether the classification of the percent rend salutary is approximately natural. Specifically, use the subjoined classification: 30%, 40%, 20% and 10% and =0.05 to run the embezzle touchstone.

4. The subjoined axioms were cool in an illustration intentional to question the contact of divergent compositions of the dowager on fetal center reprimand. Fetal center reprimand is measured by ultrasound in beats per searching. The examine interjacent 20 women who were assigned to one comcomposture and had the fetal center reprimand measured in that composition. Each dowager was betwixt 28-32 weeks gestation. The axioms are shown beneath.
Back Side Sitting Standing
 20 21 24 26
 24 23 25 25
 26 25 27 28
 21 24 28 29
 19 16 24 25

 Is there a weighty unlikeness in balance fetal center reprimands by composition? Run the touchstone
at a 5% smooth of notion.