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Use the AIU Library, repository, newspaper, or the Internet to elaboration and discover a locality where grounds has been played by a visual aid and where you judge the visual aid is life used in a carriage that elicits trepidation or in a carriage that misrepresents these grounds. Note: Some graphics may not be copied and pasted into the DB line appropriately. Please insinuate your graphics into a Word muniment and fasten the Word muniment to your DB column so your classmates are potent to see your graphics. Discuss the following:

  1. Provide your excellent of visual grounds justice spread-outed to demonstrate your thoughts.   
  2. Explain in point how you purpose the grounds are visually misrepresented or intentional to elicit trepidations that may purpose someone to shape an faulty firmness (and be enduring to set-forth which trepidations).   
  3. What signs of visual grounds justices do you discover most informative? What about the grounds justice influences your permission?   
  4. What sign of visual grounds justice do you purpose would best spread-out percentage notice? Why do you judge this?   
  5. What sign of visual grounds justice do you purpose would best play a comparison of concordant grounds from three incongruous companies (e.g., net annual benefit-service for developed year)? Why do you judge this?