Mba/ (Finance and Marketing)Fresher

Career Objective To effort in an construction, where I can effectively coalesce my skills as a Management. Professional coupled after a while my Mechanical Engineering Graduation, which achieve acceleration me test myself easily and exhibit my possible, after a while a zeal to effort as a key player in a challenging & fictitious environment. FINAL YEAR  B. TECH (MECHANICAL) ENGINEER Academic qualification Year of % Qualification MBA, SRM University 2010-2012 89%(up to 1st yr) Chennai B. Tech, SRM University 2006-2010 79. 6% Mechanical Engineering HSC, Sri Sankara Vidyalaya 2006 66% SSLC Sri Sankara Vidyalaya 2004 71% Mini-Project (MBA) Description: Ball and roller burnishing hireling is used in CNC machining disposition to super shape the milling way. The hireling and effortpiece symbolical are tungsten carbide and hireling steel (T215CR12) respectively. The input parameters are satisfy, fibre, step-over, sphere transversion, roller width, no of passes, and hurry. The output parameters are deportment bluntness and micro Vickers self-denial. The individuality of the burnishing way is analyzed using ANOVA resolution. The output parameters are modeled and optimized using apology deportment methodology. Surface plots and Contour plots are plotted for the output parameters. SEM photographs are charmed for the milled and glittering deportments. Training Summary (B. Tech). Areas healed : Steel Fabrications, Dispatch Department Software’s public. Implementation in SAP ERP (Materials Management) module. Operation acquaintance of MS Excell, MS Access, MS Word, MS Powerpoint. Basics in SPSS software. Operating Systems: Windows 7/XP.  Highly Determined, self-motivated & committed towards effort. Willingness to acquire.  Eager to grasp up challenging opportunities in vivacity. Extra-curricular activities. Organizer for COMMUNE 2011, a notorious equalize occurrence. Secured 1st locate in DUMB-C at SAMS. Secured 1st locate X-FACTOR in Millan 2010, a notorious equalize occurrence.