Marketing Management: Overview

Ulaanbaatar board JSC was orderly in 1971. Located in Mongolia, a very renowned call in board manufacturing as their results accept opulent colors and picturesqueness and eminent durability ensured by their eminent capacity wool, sheep and grand handicraft. In 1992, the union had transformed into a Joint Accumulation Company. The union has encircling 550 employees; The deep motive for the corporate is fashion maximization Annual turnover encircling 2. 5millions dollars. The Ulaanbaatar board factory is 100% secret, distributeholder – inveterate union that modees Mongolian sheep wool and offers eminent capacity boards in persomal and interpolitical trade.The chaste unwritten and novel patterns, saccharine colors, manifold sizes, eminent hebetude and best Mongolian sheep wool guaranteed. Current Situation: The union has been selling generally-known distributes since March 23, 1992 delay the judicious cost of 100 MNT per 1 item of accumulation. The Board factory ship-produces 40% of its results to Russia, USA, and China and European countries. Today, the union is a plainor in its sector, and courteous known unarranged customers by its infamy call “Altanbulag”. Ulaanbaatar Board had fashioned customer pleasure for its interested yielding qualities and for not having a disclaiming issue on bloom and environment.The Plant: Large, Clean installation. Equipments: Modern, courteous kept & courteous deeptained, last upgrade was in 1989 Production: 400,000 m2 / year. Genesis order: 50% workers & 50% automated tasks. Manufacturing Mode : very amiable capacity wool, imporved all capacity manufacturing mode by plain rule relish visual overthrow, sampin , influenceing the board. Painting section: near dubious tech. Patterns: Group designers. Employees: 550, 2 shifts 7am to 10 pm. Trade claim: Inelastic Sales: 269 millions 51% of them are ship-produce sales Expenses: 41 millions. Mark-up : 30% Fashion : 69 millions.The problem: The union is peaceful genesis oriented and now is arduous to influence towards tradeing oriented but it is going ready delay fine stalks not proportional to its crop and their earliest stalk was establishing fine tradeing division consists solely from 3 inhabitants and consequently of this fine team it was not exposed delayin length administration but collocationed as staff administration in the organizational chart and the aftercited dissection was made for tradeing order delayin the union and its delayout environments results by the aftercited : 1-No trade segmentation , collocationing or targeting -Company has no sales technique 3-No vehemence has been made to assess key inclines in tradeing environment 4-No one awaken consumer action or organizational buyer action 5-No tradeing investigation performed anteriorly SWOT Analysis: Strengths: 1- Amiable Balanced Result mix 2- Eminent capacity result. 3- Plant dexterity is capacious. 4- Manage clamor stain and anthropological insurance. 5-Modern machines & deeptained. 6- hearty genesis oriented. 7- orderly infamy. 8- amiable trade collocation according to other competitors. 9- targeting persomal & interpolitical trades.Weakness: 1- No plain manoeuvre for crop infamy. 2- Doesn't prepare any result guarantees or carelessness. 3- no tradeing investigation studies accept been captured by the union. 4- no dissection of consumer or organizational action. 5- Lack of result difference . 6- No sales vehemence. 7- No MIS ( tradeing knowledge order ) 8- No forecasting techniques or procedures. 9- No dignified corporeal classification. Opportunities: 1- New result crop 2-Wide classification deed 3- The dominion reputation can extension the claim on the union. - eminent capacity could extension the claim. Threats: 1- Competitors 2- Country's thin awkwardness that can influence the perseverance & the all trade. 3- Change in consumer's delicacy. 4- the buyer becomes mighty and manage the cost. Segmentation, targeting and repositioning: Segment : Eminent capacity boards. Target: Persomal and outlandish trade ( inhabitants delay eminent pay ) Positioning : Eminent capacity ; cost result. Marketing Mix: Place: Persomal trade and outlandish trade no plain sale for the end customer. Price: eminent cost for enhancement results.Promotion: no furtherance. Product: eminent capacity. Conclusion: The Ulaanbaatar board factory accept a amiable counterpoise of result mix, eminent capacity result the union has a lot of hearty points besides it severely scarcity a tradeing manoeuvre such as investigation , advertising, and assessing key incline in tradeing environment so identical selling, they would positively fashion abundantly meliorate trade distribute and a big infamy rate ; vision. the union should mentor the trade to graft the past in its scope they so should try to extension their classification deed.