Consumer behavior and marketing strategy

Abstract Pepsi Raw is a new issue that has been open by Pepsi Co for the mild imbibe expendrs. The issue is a carbonated and cosmical imbibe that closes no pretended ingredients, preservatives or pretense, rather it is made of cosmical issues. Consumer comportments can be used to enucleate the negotiateing strategies correspondent for the negotiateing of the issue. The negotiate of the issue can either be innerly swingd by the expendr comportment or outside swingd. The exterior swings can be used to substantiate the negotiate disunites of Pepsi Raw and besides multimedia strategies can be used to announce the imbibe. The multimedia strategies are relying on the expendrs of each target negotiate. 1.0              Introduction Consumer comportment recites to the weigh of the argues why expendrs buy or fall to buy issues in the negotiate. It studies the comportment of the expendrs in a bid to discern the forces that swing the expendrs during the buying direct. Positive idiosyncrasys of the expendrs are excited such as the demographic idiosyncrasys and the comportmental variables incompact others to improve discern the comportments of the customers date buying issues in the negotiate (Khan, 2007). The ocean visible of weighing the comportments of the expendrs is to use the enlightenment to enucleate negotiateing strategies that succeed acceleration invite and restrain the expendrs. It so accelerations in managing the homogeneityships floating the customers and the posse’s issues. Pepsi Co is a global manufacturing, distributing and negotiateing posse that is entangled in the foundation and beverage assiduity all aggravate the earth. The posse consists of separate infamys of companies that encmiss Pepsi Cola and Tropicana Products, Gatorade, Frito-Lay incompact others (Pepsi Co, n.d). The posse has been surrendering separate mild imbibes through Pepsi Cola Posse which operates in aggravate 200 countries all aggravate the earth (Pepsi Co, n.d). The posse’s biggest negotiate distribute is in North America and the United States. The posse newly introduced a new imbibe into the negotiate unreserved as Pepsi Raw (Pepsi Raw, n.d). Pepsi Raw is a carbonated imbibe that is made of cosmical ingredients such as flagellate sugar, cosmical caramel, apple extracts, lustrous instil and coffee leaf incompact others. The imbibe does not relish the undenieffectual pretended pretenses and violent sugar full set-up in other Pepsi mild imbibes that are in the negotiate. This pamphlet discusses the expendr comportment and negotiateing strategies that can be used by Pepsi Co for the new Pepsi Raw imbibe. 2.0              Consumer Behaviors and Connected Marketing Strategies Consumer comportment is a envelopd and dynamic direct that is multi dimensional and that accelerations institute the negotiateing sentences and strategies to be used by companies (Khan, 2007). Marketing strategies are the plans that companies use to complete positive visibles in negotiateing and hawking the companies’ issues. Date formulating such plans, targeted expendrs of the issue deficiency to be excited to secure the strategies that are formulated fit in thriveing a date the expendrs’ comportment. The strategies can so be used to pattern the pattern the comportments of the expendrs in a mode that behoofs the posse and accelerations it complete its goals. 2.1  Target Consumer Perceptions Among the opposed expendr comportments that are excited to enucleate negotiateing strategies is the apprehension of the expendrs on the issue. A customer’s apprehension is the mode of truth encircling the issue and its enterprise. The customer’s apprehension is swingd by separate elements such as the scylla to the issue and the observation attached to the issue incompact others (Sharma, 2006 ). The customer’s apprehensions may be unroving on the description of the issue, its figure or what the issue can do for them. In the foundation and beverage assiduity, the apprehensions of the expendrs are an essential component in the sustainability of the negotiate. What the expendrs of the issues in the assiduity believe and discern encircling the issue quickly contributes to the sales of the issue. Pepsi Raw was imagined as a cosmical imbibe that is opposed from other mild imbibes in the negotiate made of pretended ingredients and lots of sugar. Pepsi-Co had the contrivance to profit a issue which would be weighed heartinessier compared to the other imbibes in the negotiate. Consumers in the new elapsed relish beseem past instructd encircling their heartiness and the issues that are amieffectual for them. Conditions approve cosmical, chemical detached, no pretended preservatives relish beseem very meaningful for the expendrs as they concede them a apprehension that the issue is heartinessy (StarMedia, n.d). The negotiateing strategies that can be used unroving on this expendr comportment encmiss advertising the issue in the negotiate using TV retails to incessantly endanger the issue past to the expendrs and embitter their believeing. The announcements can so discipline past certifiedness on the issue and pattern the apprehensions of the expendrs towards the imbibe and what it can do for them. The posse can so use the packaging of the issue as bisect of the negotiateing strategies by including the ingredients of the issue to recite to the expendr’s apprehension and their intelligence. The pretense of the issue can so swing their apprehension by using pretenses that are congruous thriveing a date the environment and that succeed imagine a apprehension of the issue entity heartinessy. 2.2  Motivation Influence Motivation is the influencing element and argue why most of the expendrs buy mans in the negotiate (O'Dougherty, 2007). They are motivated to buy celebrity owing they deficiency or omission it. Motivation in expendrs is tight of a stimulate in zeal and line. It may be obscure or in multiples that are publicly addressed. It is usually swingd by inner and exterior elements. Inner elements encmiss the idiosyncrasys of the expendr and their identicalness that may motivate them to buy a bisecticular issue. Exterior elements that motivate expendrs to positive issues aggravate others encmiss the instituteed that they get uniformly they buy the issue. The Pepsi Raw expendrs that are targeted to buy and expend the issue may be swingd by separate elements and motivated to buy the issue for separate argues. The expendrs may buy the imbibe entity motivated by the deficiencys and omissions that they indicate to meet (Natural~Specialty Foods Memo, 2008). This is a Means-End-Chain motivational harmoniousity that the expendrs use to buy the imbibe. This is owing of the behoofs and propertys that the imbibe has aggravate the other mild imbibes in the negotiate. The imbibe still administers to the indemnification of their deficiencys and omissions and so provides additional behoofs to them past it is heartinessier. To enucleate a negotiateing manoeuvre that succeed recite to the comportment of these expendrs an property deficiencys to be authorized of the imbibe. This is oceanly a compact idiosyncrasy that is valuable and dominant aggravate the other issues in the negotiate. Progress should then be made on the consequences of the imbibe and the farthest appreciate that is content as a upshot of the issue’s property. Marketing strategies that use the means-end-chain incline to be effectual when advertising is used to negotiate the issue aggravate other negotiateing activities (Sharma, 2006 ). 2.3  Consumer’s Attitude Consumer attitudes are the opinions that the expendrs relish including the feelings encircling the issues and the comportmental contrivances towards it (Khan, 2007). It so refers to the aggravateall evaluation that the expendrs relish on the issues. The attitudes of the expendrs administer to the feelings that they relish on the issue thriveing a date some of the expendrs having stronger attitudes than others (Sharma, 2006 ). Consumers do not notwithestablished berelish gratefully and oceantain the identical attitudes of the issue aggravate occasion. The attitudes of the expendrs can be radical plain though this is a envelopd man to do. It plain beseems past envelopd when the expendrs augur the posse eager to produce encircling alter in their attitudes and get them to buy past of the issue or switch to the infamy. The attitudes of expendrs in the mild imbibe assiduity and other foundation and beverage industries relish been changing aggravate the years. Consumers relish shifted to heartinessier alternatives that are behoof their bodies and so meet their deficiencys (Hasan, 2008). The expendrs relish been demanding heartinessier imbibes in the assiduity that add appreciate to their heartiness and that behoof their bodies (Pepsi Co, 2010). Pepsi Raw is one imbibe that succeed fit in thriveing a date the exoteric attitudes of the opposed expendrs all aggravate the earth. The negotiateing strategies that can recite to the expendr attitudes to Pepsi Raw should put past marrow on the behoofs and the ingredients that the issue has that finds it a heartinessier discretion aggravate other mild imbibes in the negotiate. The strategies should acceleration catch the demands of the expendrs by unceasingly advertising the imbibe in a mode that endangers the behoofs that the imbibe provides to expendrs. The packaging of the issue should encmiss some of the details that the expendrs are looking for and that can acceleration alter their attitudes encircling the imbibe (Tyagi ; Kumar, 2004). 2.4  Sentence Making Criteria Consumer sentence making direct is a way that is used by the expendrs to reresolve some of their substances when purchasing. A substance in this avow is the discord floating what the expendr has and his or her craved avow that succeed be genteel by the sentence making direct (Sharma, 2006 ). The substance or deficiency is undenieffectual through a similitude of the exoteric and the objective site. When making the buying sentences there is no bisecticular government that is unroving and that must be thriveed. The sentence may notwithestablished be swingd by separate elements including the political environment and the negotiateing manoeuvre used on the issue. The sentence making direct normally envelops separate stages which encmiss substantiateing the substance, muster enlightenment encircling the issue, gaining enlightenment encircling the issue, analyzing the environment incompact others (Pride ; Ferrell, 2008 ). Consumers are approvely to be swingd by separate elements when making a sentence encircling buying Pepsi Raw imbibe. Some of the influencing elements encmiss the deficiencys that they omission to meet and the qualities that the imbibe has to meet them (StarMedia, n.d). As the imbibe is an spiritless,ordinary issue most of the expendrs succeed be using a usual harmoniousity to the sentence making direct and succeed incline to buy the identical issue aggravate and aggravate intermittently unroving on the identical criteria (O'Dougherty, 2007). The sentence making direct can be stunted thriveing a date the misapply negotiateing strategies. The expendrs may be near approvely to put a lot of endeavor in the quest for alternatives if the negotiateing strategies used acceleration elucidate the imbibe as the best for the expendrs (East, Wright, & Vanhuele, 2008). The negotiateing strategies used should then labor to catch the interests of the expendrs from the set-on-foot and exertion to restrain them. Issue packaging is one of the best negotiateing strategies that can be used to acceleration the expendr strain a sentence of buying the imbibe. The packaging can encmiss details that conjointly edify and instruct the expendr as courteous as inviteing them to buy it. Other negotiateing activities can acceleration institute the expendr’s commission in the imbibe and extension their accidents of taking it intermittently. The negotiateing manoeuvre should so labor to enucleate some meaning of conscientiousness in the imbibe so that the expendrs can expend and buy it repeatedly as a custom (Tyagi & Kumar, 2004). 3.0              Target Disunite and Multimedia Strategies 3.1  Exterior Influences on Target Consumer Segments A target negotiate normally represents the possible expendrs of the issue that a posse is centreing on. These are the populace who are most approvely to buy the issue and use it. They all relish positive idiosyncrasys that are spiritless in all of them that elucidate them and their crave to expend the issue. The idiosyncrasys may be unroving on their pay levels, their ages, education levels or political levels incompact other idiosyncrasys. It is essential for any posse to disunite the negotiate and substantiate the possible expendrs of the issue. It accelerations crystallize the instrument of the posse by centreing the negotiateing strategies to the expendrs who are most approvely to buy the issue. It so accelerations the posse to hawk past of its issue date using fewer instrument. The advanceence of a target negotiate is notwithestablished swingd by separate exterior elements which detail how the expendr disunite can be detaild. (a)   Gender Gender is an influencing element when disuniteing the negotiate of Pepsi Raw. Separate studies relish shown that women are past heartiness certified encircling what they eat and imbibe when compared to the men. The women incline to catch past heartinessy steps and are past restless encircling what they eat or imbibe in direct to oceantain a heartinessy vivacitystyle. This is due to the truety that the women are past flat to risks when they expend mild imbibes than the men. Studies relish inspired that the women who catch mild imbibes distinctly soda incline to relish a violenter accident of kindred diseases (Science Daily, 2009). They so beseem flat to diabetes and corpulency.  It is for this argue that the negotiate of Pepsi Raw can be disuniteed on this plea to secure that the women subjugate the accidents of getting some of these diseases. The weigh carried out did not unearth any rich risks for the men or the women who took other mild imbibes such as nutriment soda. The undenieffectual sodas closeed violent amounts of sugar that extensiond the risks of getting kindred diseases for the women. The women can hence be targeted unroving on the upshots of this weigh and beseem possible expendrs of the issue past it does not close violent levels of sugar. (b)   Age The age of the expendrs is an influencing element when selecting the target negotiate of Pepsi Raw. Older populace are past certified of their heartiness and what they eat or imbibe. As populace advance they endure separate vivacity changing experiences that find them past restless encircling their appreciates and their vivacitystyle contemporaneously thriveing a date what they expend. They arise to excite their vivacity and find sentences that succeed acceleration them feed a longer and heartinessier vivacity (Lake, 2009). The childish populace notwithestablished are a dissimilarity of the old populace. They weigh themselves heartinessy and are near approvely to catch a lot of institution aggravate their heartiness and what they expend. Pepsi raw can be targeted to the older origination who are most certified encircling their heartiness and what they eat or imbibe. They could so be disinclination from age recited illnesses or relish ailments that do not confide the incatch of other mild imbibes in the negotiate. The imbibe can be targeted to these kinds of expendrs who are past approvely to relish the issue. The childisher populace may not be effectual to relish it as ample as they are past encircling fun when they are consuming the mild imbibes. They would advance the other mild imbibes that relish pleasingeners and pretended flavors that find them pleasing. (c)    Political arrange The Pepsi Raw imbibe can be targeted to the expendrs unroving on their political arrange. The political arrange is the clerical edifice that is used to categorize populace and stratify them halting on their idiosyncrasys and the political instituteed. Populace of a positive political arrange incline to berelish in a harmonious mode and they recite thriveing a date populace of their arrange rather than thriveing a date populace of other arrangees (Lake, 2009). This influencing element can be used to categorize the target expendrs of Pepsi Raw and target a positive arrange that is past approvely to expend the issue past than the other arrangees. The loftier arrange sodality has the violentest political instituteed and is past approvely to expend the issue rather than the other political arrangees. This arrange of populace inclines to relish violent economic aptitude and can hence be in a position to lapse the issue no stuff the figure set. The other arrangees faculty be swingd to buy other alternatives to the cosmical imbibe approve residence made lemonades or residence made juices. The intermediate arrange and the inferior arrangees may be eager to buy other cheaper alternatives that would allot them to obviate some specie rather than buying Pepsi Raw. The loftier arrange would not relish disaster purchasing the issue no stuff the figure. (d)   Lifestyle The vivacitystyle of a expendr refers to the way a expendr feeds. It refers to some of the idiosyncrasys of the expendr that recite to how they join, their surroundings, eating customs, appreciates, beliefs and attitudes incompact others. All this idiosyncrasys are used to elucidate the vivacitystyle of an identical and they can swing how the negotiate of Pepsi raw can be disuniteed.  The influencing elements in the vivacitystyles of the expendrs would be their foundation and eating customs and the appreciates that they thriveing a whilehold. The negotiate can be disuniteed unroving on the influencing elements such as the vegetarians and the non vegetarians. The populace who are accurate vegetarians are heartiness certified and they simply eat and imbibe what is weighed to be heartinessy. They would be past approvely to expend the issue than the non vegetarians. Consumers who are so nutrimenting and envelopd to miss ponderosity and those who are timid encircling their ponderosity are past approvely to expend Pepsi Raw as it would not be pernicious to their bodies and their ponderosity in unconcealed. The issue can be centreed on these expendrs to secure that disuniteiality instrument are used in negotiateing and the posse is effectual to complete its negotiateing strategies. 3.2  Multimedia Strategies Multimedia strategies encmiss the separate harmoniousityes that are used by negotiateers and announcers to strain the opposed targeted expendrs. The strategies envelop a lot of integrated harmoniousityes such as the use of the TV, Radio, Print media and the Internet incompact others. All these harmoniousityes are used in a mode that straines the targeted expendrs. The expendrs in today’s negotiate are past enigmatical, past instructd and they relish past discretions in conditions of watching, listening or lection announcements (Koeppel, n.d). The negotiateing harmoniousityes must hence be past entangled to contest the expendrs. The valuable and confederacy of the media strategies halt on their suitability and their effectualness to strain the target negotiate. The use of the opposed multimedia harmoniousityes allots the negotiateers to catch usage of the opportunities that are supposing by the changing negotiateing media environment that is incessantly changing and essentially strain the targeted reception. The issue stamp so plays a ocean role in determining the best confederacy of multimedia harmoniousityes that can be used. In the occurrence of Pepsi Raw and the opposed target disunites there are separate multimedia strategies that can be used to negotiate the issue and secure that it straines the indicateed negotiate. The multimedia strategies succeed halt on their suitability and how effectual they can be on each of the targeted negotiate disunites. Multimedia strategies that can be used to strain the women and the men on opposed levels encmiss magazines and the internet. These two methods can be used to selectively target the expendrs unroving on their gender and the opposed deficiencys they relish for the imbibe. Women and men magazines can be used to announce Pepsi Raw and the opposed ways it can meet the deficiencys of its expendrs unroving on their gender. In the internet websites that re gender unroving can be used to announce Pepsi Raw and so strain a rove negotiate. The net would be past correspondent for the expendrs who do not recognize a lot and who expend most of their occasion on the internet. A retail of the imbibe can be streamed online on the gender unroving websites and the professional posse’s website as a video. The expendr target knot that is entity targeted unroving on can be harmoniousityed through TV retails, use of radio announcements, billboards and the print media. The harmoniousityes are correspondent due to their ability to strain the violent quantity of expendrs in this targeted negotiate. One retail announcement can be used to strain the opposed age knots of the expendrs and not be discriminatory. This is owing the aggravateall behoofs that the opposed age knots succeed deduce from Pepsi Raw are the identical. Other outdoor advertising methods can be used such as billboards as they succeed so strain a bigger reception thriveing a datein the negotiate disunite.  Strategies that can be used to strain the expendrs unroving on their political arrange would encmiss making the issue availeffectual simply in the violent urbanized areas where these populace can abundantly strain it. The negotiateing strategies should exclusively target these expendrs simply to secure the negotiateing instrument are courteous utilized and violent sales are commemorative. Marketing activities that would exclusively target this populace would encmiss outdoor advertising methods during the opposed plaints that the targeted expendrs are entangled in. This would secure that they are effectually made certified of the imbibes and its qualities. For the opposed negotiate disunite that is elucidated by the opposed vivacitystyles of the expendrs, the multimedia strategies that can be used to announce the issue would encmiss the opposed forms of media. The print media can be used to announce to the opposed expendrs in this negotiate disunite who advance lection rather than watching or listening. The announcements can be placed magazines and other publications that are restless thriveing a date separate issues that institution populace’s vivacitystyle such as heartiness magazines and journals, diversion and style magazines incompact others. 4.0              Conclusion Pepsi Raw is a cosmical carbonated imbibe that targets the heartiness certified expendrs who are timid encircling what they eat and imbibe and the fulls of the opposed foundations. These expendrs incline to be swingd to expend issues unroving on the ingredients they relish and the ones they relish omitted. The opposed expendr comportment can be used conjointly to institute negotiateing strategies that can effectually negotiate the issue. The inner swings on the expendr comportments can be used to enucleate negotiateing strategies that can be effectual to negotiate the issue. The negotiateing strategies that should be used by the posse should close the idiosyncrasys of these expendrs halting on the valuable features that elucidate them. 5.0              Learning Outcomes In the argument, the new issue by Pepsi Co, Pepsi Raw has been discussed. The issue has been authorized to be a issue in the mild imbibes assiduity that is opposed from other mild imbibes in the negotiate. It has been elucidated as a carbonated cosmical imbibe that is brown in pretense and closes cosmical ingredients. It lacks any preservatives, pretended ingredients or pretenses. Some of the ingredients encmiss flagellate sugar, cosmical caramel, apple extracts and lustrous instil incompact other ingredients. The ocean centre of the pamphlet is the identification of the separate expendr comportments that are in the negotiate and how they can swing the negotiateing strategies to be used in negotiateing Pepsi Raw. The pamphlet so discusses the multimedia strategies that can be used in the negotiate to announce Pepsi Raw. The expendr comportments were authorized and violentlighted. The specification of expendr comportment was feeling as envelopd directes that expendrs go through that acceleration elucidate the perfect buying direct. The opposed expendr comportments were knoted according to their inner and exterior swings in the negotiate and the negotiateing strategies were feeling as the plans that are used to acceleration acquire negotiateing goals. The opposed expendrs thriveing entity excited were used to enucleate the negotiateing strategies. Incompact the opposed influencing expendr comportment that was excited enclosed the expendrs’ apprehensions, their attitudes, motivation and the sentence making criteria. For each of the influencing comportments negotiateing strategies were suggested and opposediated unroving on the opposed customer comportments. Exterior swings on the expendrs and the negotiate were so excited contemporaneously thriveing a date their impression on the negotiateing strategies. The exterior swings enclosed the gender of the expendrs in the negotiate, the opposed ages of the expendrs, the political arrange of the possible expendrs of the imbibe and the vivacitystyle that most of the expendrs were approvely to thrive. The opposed exterior swings that were discussed played a bisect in instituteing the expendr target disunites in the negotiate. Each of the swings was excited in homogeneity to Pepsi Raw and how they fictitious the negotiateing and advertising strategies to be used in the negotiate. Multimedia strategies were so excited and discussed on how they can be applied in each of the negotiate disunites authorized. The use of the multimedia strategies was relying on the exterior swings in the negotiate and the opposed target expendr negotiates. Consumers in the new-fangled earth are past edifyed and past instructd encircling the discretions that they relish in the negotiate when it comes to advertising. This has warranted the deficiency to use multimedia strategies to secure that each of the expendrs in the opposed negotiate disunites is strained. Reference List East, R., Wright, M., & Vanhuele, M. (2008). Consumer Behaviour: Applications in Marketing. California: SAGE Publications . Hasan. (2008, October 1). Letting Out The Fizz – Are Pepsi And Coca-Cola Getting Natural? Retrieved July 21, 2010, from Business Journal: Khan, M. (2007). Consumer Behaviour. Georgia: New Age International. Koeppel, P. (n.d). Omission to Strain Past Buyers? 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