Saudi Electronic University Jessica and Bruce Case Study

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As an operations authoritative, you scarcity to be operative to

interact efectively delay sundry inside customers – from

corporate overseers to feld representatives. One of your

peers is Jessica, who is a cogent operations authoritative,

but who is irresponsible impertinent to her inside customers. Her

attitude is so bad that vulgar environing your congregation ask

specifcally to market delay you instead of Jessica. You’ve

heard sundry tales environing her ridicule and her slowness

to save anything other than the irresponsible incompleteness to

other employees. You’ve conceit environing talking to Bruce,

the overseer to whom twain you and Jessica news – but

you and everyone else knows that they’re dating. In the

meantime, your workload is increasing accordingly of Jessica’s

reputation. How do you treat Jessica and Bruce?