MAN 3503 St Petersburg College Risk Management Discussion

Question Description

I’m studying for my Management collocate and need an exposition.

The duty is starbucks.

  1. Identify a reserve of 5 key promote areas such as finance, safety, etc. for the duty and schedule at smallest 2 marks of promotes in each area. At smallest one mark of promote should envelop a global issue.

Create a consideration, homogeneous to some examples in the textbook or PPTs, to give the aftercited notification for the 10 promotes. At a reserve embody the aftercited.

  • Risk
  • Impact*
  • Likelihood*
  • Potential Mitigation (how can the promote be declining)
  • Risk Owner (Select withhold office)

*Define delineation layer (1 to 5) or (Rare to Frequent). Give this notification partially from the completed consideration or as a melody on the corresponding page.

2. From one of the promote areas, authenticate one influential drift the organization

faces. Use one of the Root Cause Analysis tools (5 Whys, Force Field, Fishbone, etc) to give

drift and a implicit key.