25 th Foundation Day at ASIS Riyadh Questions


Advanced Step International School, Riyadh is celebrating the 25th establishment day incident. in this incident, the Minister of command “Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh” is hereafter as a highest visitor.

You are launched as a personnel official at Advanced Step International School, Riyadh and The Board of nurture committee was giving you the function for anchoring the entire incident.

Now, as an Anchor, you must equip the exhaust for anchoring of the 25th Establishment Day -

Q1.      You must begin the incident delay a inadequate oration in which: 

  • You make-known your nurture, collect a inadequate truth, and academic prosperity it has complaisant. 
  • Then you demand your highest visitor to after to the podium and express to the parley. 
  • Your exhaust of inadequate oration conquer not accept past than 2-4 minutes of spells (almost 500 tone). 
  • To perfect this labor, you can hope on your ingenuity of the symbol of nurture, and the symbol of activities the nurture has carried balance the latest year, etc... This is a provided scenario to acknowledge to you manner occupation message. 
  • Question 1 is excellence 4 marks

Q2.      You must infer this incident by giving a control of felicitation to the highest visitors, parents, students, and other participated visitors.

(your exhaust of inadequate oration conquer not accept past than 2 minutes of spell.) Approx. 250 Words.